NYX First Impressions

As you may know, NYX Cosmetics launched in the UK earlier in the year. NYX is a US brand, named after the Greek goddess of the night, and started out at trade fairs. From small beginnings come great things, and now they’ve become a huge hit worldwide amongst bloggers, MUAs, and make-up enthusiasts everywhere. TheContinue reading “NYX First Impressions”

Estēe Lauder EE Crème Product Review

It’s that time again! Our favourite time, when we get to test out the hottest products on the market. “And what do you have?” we hear you cry…  Only the hottest Pixiwoo fave of last year – Estēe Lauder Even Effect Skintone Corrector (EE crème for short). It’s taken us this long to get our handsContinue reading “Estēe Lauder EE Crème Product Review”

A Beginners Guide To Make Up Brushes

Hands up if you have no clue about makeup brushes and what they’re used for? Yep I see that hand, this one’s for you love….read on. Summary Synthetic Hair vs. Real Hair Base Brushes Detail Brushes Shop The Makeup Brushes Ever watched a YouTube makeup tutorial and thought to yourself, why the heck do IContinue reading “A Beginners Guide To Make Up Brushes”