How To Get White Teeth In 3 Minutes, with Real Results.

Ever wondered how you could get whiter teeth in just 3 minutes? With all this talk about the ability to whiten teeth using very few home ingredients, I was intrigued and thought why not give it a try? I have nothing to lose! So here am I, showing you my results and breaking down theContinue reading “How To Get White Teeth In 3 Minutes, with Real Results.”

DIY | How To Make A Sugar Lip Scrub

Are the grey winter months taking their toll on your lips? Are they feeling flaky and unloved? Well I have the perfect solution to fix your pout. Here you can learn how to make an all natural, DIY lip scrub that will leave your lips luscious, soft, and smooth. And it only takes three storeContinue reading “DIY | How To Make A Sugar Lip Scrub”