How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Did you know that your makeup brushes contain bacteria that could make skin problems like blemishes and acne a lot worse? Even if you have a great skincare routine, dirty makeup brushes increases the likelihood of breakouts and spots. This is why it’s so important to keep your makeup brushes clean. Below we’ve provided a 6 stepContinue reading “How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes”

How To Get Long and Thick Eyelashes In 2 Minutes

Ever wondered how you could get long and thick eyelashes in just 2 minutes without the need to apply fake eyelashes? In this 3 step tutorial Chanele lets you into a little secret about the must have mascara that you need to improve your look. . The 3 Step Process 1. Start by taking your everyday mascaraContinue reading “How To Get Long and Thick Eyelashes In 2 Minutes”

Rihanna Inspired Carnival Makeup Tutorial

Having trouble finding yourself a great carnival makeup look this year? Fear not, we’re here to help with a Rihanna inspired makeup tutorial! If you know Rihanna then you’ll know that she has consistently attended the Barbados carnivals over the years, so much so that she’s officially known as the ‘Queen of Carnival’. As oneContinue reading “Rihanna Inspired Carnival Makeup Tutorial”

Cara Delevingne Smokey Eye Tutorial

Whether it’s those gorgeous thick brows or her quirky personality, Cara Delevingne can do no wrong. Here the model of the moment is pulling off one of the hardest looks to get right- the Smokey Eye. We’ve all given it a go, but sometimes we end up looking more like you’ve been in a fight thanContinue reading “Cara Delevingne Smokey Eye Tutorial”

The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial

Are you scared of wearing a red lip just in case it slides off halfway during the day? Or are you left with the dreaded heavy lip line after eating? Well fear no more because I have the solution for that sought after perfect red pout! We all know that a red lip is theContinue reading “The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial”

DIY | How To Make A Sugar Lip Scrub

Are the grey winter months taking their toll on your lips? Are they feeling flaky and unloved? Well I have the perfect solution to fix your pout. Here you can learn how to make an all natural, DIY lip scrub that will leave your lips luscious, soft, and smooth. And it only takes three storeContinue reading “DIY | How To Make A Sugar Lip Scrub”

Glitter Lips Tutorial

If you need help applying you’re Glitter Lips then look no further. I’ve provided everything you need to know about the application process in a step-by-step instructions guide below. Be prepared though, when you look in the mirror, the results will blow your mind! Warning: Discontinue use if skin irritation develops or increases. If irritation persists,Continue reading “Glitter Lips Tutorial”

Romantic Eye Makeup Look | Valentines Day Special

It’s that time of the year when everyone gets a little gooey. Whether you’re loved up, going on a first date, or single and ready to mingle (yes I actually just said that) we want you to look damn fine! To get you looking great, I’ve chosen to show you a classic romantic eye makeup lookContinue reading “Romantic Eye Makeup Look | Valentines Day Special”

DIY | How To Recycle Old Lipstick

If you’ve got an old lipstick that you no longer use then don’t throw it away. Instead, use this simple makeup advice to bring your lipstick back to life. You only need a few ingredients and about 10 minutes to complete the process (excluding setting time). What You’ll Need An old lipstick (you can mix two orContinue reading “DIY | How To Recycle Old Lipstick”