Salini Resort Malta | My Honest Review

Recently I visited Malta for 7 days with my partner and we decided to book the Salini Resort, based North of the island. We were actually searching for a cheaper hotel but to be honest there isn’t many great options for good quality hotels. Salini came up in our search for £900 B&B, 7 nightsContinue reading “Salini Resort Malta | My Honest Review”

The Makeup Revolution Halloween Party 2018

It’s 31st October so what better post to do than a highlight of my time at the Makeup Revolution Halloween Party? I was excited, as always, to be invited to yet another one of their amazing events and of course I’d be silly to say no. It was held at the National Science Museum inContinue reading “The Makeup Revolution Halloween Party 2018”

7 Days In Malta | My Holiday Highlights

Dates: 20th – 27th October 2018 Hotel: Salini Resort Currency: Euros I went to Malta with my boyfriend… it’s one of these places I never thought I’d go but somehow I ended up there anyway. For the last 7 days I’ve spent my time on the beautiful island of Malta and wow was I surprisedContinue reading “7 Days In Malta | My Holiday Highlights”

Life After University UK | 10 Things You Need To Know

Hey guys, hope you’re doing well. If you’re a recent graduate who’s going through the emotions and wondering if how you’re feeling is normal and if it’s going to get better, then keep reading. As a past graduate, I know that expectations can be very high but unfortunately for a lot of us the reality ofContinue reading “Life After University UK | 10 Things You Need To Know”

5 Things You Have To Do When You Visit Hong Kong

So a few months ago I returned from an amazing trip in Hong Kong and Macau. With so much space to cover, I just couldn’t get it done in 12 days so I will definitely be going back. If you are thinking of travelling to Hong Kong, then you’d be happy to know that thisContinue reading “5 Things You Have To Do When You Visit Hong Kong”

My New YouTube Obsession: Sayria Jade

Hey guys, so I’m back with another YouTube obsession and this time it’s Sayria Jade. She’s another curly head (I’m starting to see a pattern here) who mainly talks about hair care on her channel, with the odd makeup video lurking about. Sayria jade stands out for me because she has a very sweet and down toContinue reading “My New YouTube Obsession: Sayria Jade”

Inspire Me To Blog | Naomi, Naomi In Wonderland

For our final “Inspire Me To Blog” series, we reached out to Naomi from Naomi In Wonderland, a blog that focuses heavily on travel, music and lifestyle. We’ve been keeping up with Naomi for a few months now and it’s her breath-taking photography that captured our attention; this alone is a great reason to popContinue reading “Inspire Me To Blog | Naomi, Naomi In Wonderland”

Inspire Me To Blog | Wendy, Thankfifi

For our next ‘Inspire Me To Blog’, we have Wendy from Thankfifi who sat down with us for an interview that aims to inspire young creative talents who are thinking of entering the blogsphere. Starting her blog over three years ago, Wendy is a fashionista with a great sense of style and loveable dog! She has been in the game aContinue reading “Inspire Me To Blog | Wendy, Thankfifi”

Inspire Me To Blog | Arielle, With All My Affection

Ever felt inspired to blog but didn’t know where to start or what to expect? Have you started a blog but felt like giving up? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you three amazing interviews from bloggers who have been happy to share their top tips and advice for all the newbies out there. They’veContinue reading “Inspire Me To Blog | Arielle, With All My Affection”