Inspire Me To Blog | Wendy, Thankfifi

For our next ‘Inspire Me To Blog’, we have Wendy from Thankfifi who sat down with us for an interview that aims to inspire young creative talents who are thinking of entering the blogsphere. Starting her blog over three years ago, Wendy is a fashionista with a great sense of style and loveable dog! She has been in the game aContinue reading “Inspire Me To Blog | Wendy, Thankfifi”

Watch “The Creators” Documentary Feat. Zoella, TomSka & NikiNSammy

“The Creators” is a new Youtube documentary that provides a glimpse into the lives of the internet’s biggest stars, seen from a different angle. Directed by Oscar-nominee Nanette Burstein, this 30 min documentary stars Zoella, TomSka and NikiNSammy. There are mixed reviews on this one so watch it and let us know what you thinkContinue reading “Watch “The Creators” Documentary Feat. Zoella, TomSka & NikiNSammy”

Love Vintage? Love Elvira Vintage

If you’re a lover of vintage fashion like we are then you’ll be happy to know about Elvira Vintage, an online boutique launched by two sisters in 2012: Tori Steinberg and Sophie Scrimgeour. With an aim to bring a new approach to vintage shopping across London, their goal is to create the Net-A-Porter of the vintage world. Amazing we know! They sell carefully chosenContinue reading “Love Vintage? Love Elvira Vintage”

DIY | How To Recycle Old Lipstick

If you’ve got an old lipstick that you no longer use then don’t throw it away. Instead, use this simple makeup advice to bring your lipstick back to life. You only need a few ingredients and about 10 minutes to complete the process (excluding setting time). What You’ll Need An old lipstick (you can mix two orContinue reading “DIY | How To Recycle Old Lipstick”