Sis, Enforce Your Boundaries

“The boundary to what we can accept is the boundary to our freedom” – Tara Brach Understanding and enforcing your boundaries will help you to attract the right kinds of people into your life. But to set the right boundaries, you need to know how you feel, so you know what you want and whereContinue reading “Sis, Enforce Your Boundaries”

Salini Resort Malta | My Honest Review

Recently I visited Malta for 7 days with my partner and we decided to book the Salini Resort, based North of the island. We were actually searching for a cheaper hotel but to be honest there isn’t many great options for good quality hotels. Salini came up in our search for £900 B&B, 7 nightsContinue reading “Salini Resort Malta | My Honest Review”

9 Ways To Reduce The Appearance of Stretchmarks

Stretch marks are the blemishes on your skin that indicate your skin has been stretched in some way. For instance, you can get stretch marks during pregnancy. Sometimes, the stretch marks will show up after you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. Getting stretch marks is often a mark of puberty, since noticeable weight gainContinue reading “9 Ways To Reduce The Appearance of Stretchmarks”

Grow Your Hair Long and Fast By Eating These Foods

People often say they don’t care whether the hair is long or short, but in reality, they do! This is true especially for those people who have turned no stone left to get the thickest, longer and luscious locks. So, if you are one of those who has tried almost every shampoo, conditioner, and treatment toContinue reading “Grow Your Hair Long and Fast By Eating These Foods”

How To Treat PCOS Naturally

PCOS is the most common disorder in women. It is also the most common cause of infertility. 7 common factors including genetics and environmental factors have been implicated as the cause of PCOS. one of the main problems with PCOS is hormonal imbalance and women with PCOS the ovaries make more male hormones that normal.Continue reading “How To Treat PCOS Naturally”

How I Get Rid of Facial Hair and Dark Spots | PCOS

Do you suffer from PCOS? Do you have facial hair and suffer from extensive acne scarring? Then keep on reading. In this blog post I’m going to discuss my personal routine that helps me manage both my excess facial hair and scarring. Now before I get into this, I’ll let you know that I gotContinue reading “How I Get Rid of Facial Hair and Dark Spots | PCOS”

Why I Regret Getting Laser Hair Removal | My PCOS Experience

Laser hair removal – it was one of those methods that I’ve dreamed about having from a young teen but now that I’ve had it, I feel like I need to discuss the side effect that I experienced, which ultimately has led me to regret getting the procedure done in the area that I didContinue reading “Why I Regret Getting Laser Hair Removal | My PCOS Experience”

My PCOS Shopping List For A Healthy Lifestyle

Hi everyone, in this blog post I have listed the foods that I get whenever I go food shopping. As you know I have PCOS and based on my currently fitness journey and weight loss goals, these are the foods that I can eat to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With this shopping list,Continue reading “My PCOS Shopping List For A Healthy Lifestyle”