How To Care For Dehydrated Skin

Is your skin confused by the change of seasons? Does it sometimes feel tight and dry, and other times become spot prone and oily? Do you have fine lines around your forehead? Do you suffer from headaches and find that your makeup goes patchy throughout the day? In that case you may be suffering fromContinue reading “How To Care For Dehydrated Skin”

The Many Uses of MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

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The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial

Are you scared of wearing a red lip just in case it slides off halfway during the day? Or are you left with the dreaded heavy lip line after eating? Well fear no more because I have the solution for that sought after perfect red pout! We all know that a red lip is theContinue reading “The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial”

DIY | How To Make A Sugar Lip Scrub

Are the grey winter months taking their toll on your lips? Are they feeling flaky and unloved? Well I have the perfect solution to fix your pout. Here you can learn how to make an all natural, DIY lip scrub that will leave your lips luscious, soft, and smooth. And it only takes three storeContinue reading “DIY | How To Make A Sugar Lip Scrub”