Salini Resort Malta | My Honest Review

Recently I visited Malta for 7 days with my partner and we decided to book the Salini Resort, based North of the island. We were actually searching for a cheaper hotel but to be honest there isn’t many great options for good quality hotels. Salini came up in our search for £900 B&B, 7 nights and once we looked at reviews we decide to go for this hotel. In this blog post I will outline my honest review of the hotel so you can make a better decision on whether or not this hotel is for you,

Dates: 20th – 27th September 2018
Room: Standard double with balcony garden view
Type: Bed and Breakfast included
Price: £900 for 7 night

First Impressions

When we drove up to the hotel it was beautiful. I mean, the hotel definitely stands out on it’s own because it’s in such a remote area. It was dark so we didn’t really see the surrounding area until the morning, but we did know that there wasn’t much around because it was the hotel lights that seemed to light up the area and nothing else. Me and my partner were definitely pleased with the aesthetics of the hotel and couldn’t wait to explore more.


I was really disappointed with check-in. We arrived at Salini hotel around midnight, after getting a late flight into Malta Airport. A shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel costs us 10euros each (20euros altogether). As soon as we got out of the shuttle bus we made our way into the hotel lobby to check in. There were a lot of people (around 20) that were checking in and they all seemed to be old people. I believe they knew each other and to be honest it seemed quite disorganised. There  were 2 people at the front desk dealing with check-in and there appeared to be 2 queues – so of course we queued behind the shorter queue. When we got to the front the man at the reception let a few people from the other queue come before us, stating “they arrived first”. Personally it wasn’t a great start to our holiday because there’s a queue foe a reason and if someone decides to join the longer queue then really that has nothing to do with us. After showing our disapproval about this, the gentleman proceeded to check us in. It went fine but one thing he did mention is that wifi was not included in our package deal. Now I’m not sure how things are done in Malta but usually when I go on holiday and a hotel has wifi, it’s complementary of our stay and is usually advised as a feature that will make you pick the hotel over one that doesn’t have wifi. Again I showed I wasn’t happy about this and the gentleman said he’ll give us complementary wifi free of charge. I thanked him and went to my room, but honestly it wasn’t the best start to my trip.

The Free Shuttle Bus

One of the perks about this hotel is that they offer a free shuttle bus, which takes you into the towns of St Julians and Buggiba. This proved to be very useful due to it’s remote location and it saved us on many occasions having to wait for public transport to get into town. Personally I was very happy with this shuttle service Both me and my partner felt that this service allowed us to explore a variety of different areas, instead of staying in the same location as the hotel. I do wish that the service ran more often throughout the day, however it’s very reasonable so I can’t really complain too much. We did miss the bus on few occasions and had to get public transport or a taxi to our destination, but because the island is small, this really wasn’t a big deal or difficult to do.


The Salini Resort stands alone. It’s grand, has beautiful views of the sea and looks great from afar but again it still stands alone so if you’re on a night out and happen to miss the last free shuttle bus home, the hotel is not in a location where you could easily walk home. Salini Resort doesn’t have restaurants and bars on it’s doorstep so if that is something you’re looking for then I would recommend that you seek another hotel in a better location. On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes to travel to the hustle and bustle, but go back to peace and quiet at the end of the night then I would recommend Salini Resort as one of your hotel options. It really does depend on you! I like to compare it to London vs Countryside. It’s nice to be able to travel in to the city, but even nicer when you know you can escape it at the end of the day.


For our stay in the hotel, we opted for bed and breakfast. Unfortunately we decided to eat out on every occasion so I cant comment on the lunch or dinner menu, however I will comment on the breakfast.

So personally for me the breakfast wasn’t that great. When it comes to a buffet I do expect more, especially with hot food selection. The texture of the sausages for example weren’t that British style meaty pork sausage, instead they reminded me of frankfurters – you know, its pork but not that real pork we like. Also the choices we had for hot food were very limited. Some parts of the hot breakfast did change but it was disappointing that they couldn’t have all the selections out at once. For example, on Monday they could serve hash browns and on Tuesday service potato slices.

Another negative for the food aspect of things was that there wasn’t a 24 hour service. Being in a “remote” area where you can’t just walk into town to get food, I expected there to at least be food options for guests that got peckish at a late night hour. With that being said, when I did order food to the room it wasn’t bad. It could have been better but I do remember not having many complaints so I wouldn’t hesitate to order food from the restaurant if I stayed here again.

The Room

We booked a standard double room at the hotel and I must say I had no complaints. It was spacious, clean and came with the basic amenities that you would expect. The bathroom contained a walk in shower, which has good pressure. The only downside to the room was the view. We had a garden view but I wouldn’t call it a garden. It was pretty much a close up view of the grass on the rocks, so not really exciting.

Another downside to the room was that we came home one evening and found a cockroach running around. Of course when it comes to cleanliness this wasn’t the nicest things to have experienced but the hotel dealt with it quickly and professionally, and as a heads up we were told that cockroaches in Malta was normal. Now whether that’s true or not is something you’d have to research yourself but if it turns out it’s not true then that may be a reason to avoid this hotel!


The facilities at the hotel were okay, but not much was on offer. The facilities included a spa, hairdressers and a small souvenirs shop. I must say the shop didn’t offer anything that you couldn’t get in town but it was a nice little option for those who needed a last minute gift to take home.

The spa was small but clean. It never got too busy so the small pool didn’t faze us at all. The best times to go were in the evening about an hour or two before closing because we found thats when we got the spa area to ourselves.

The outside pool was lovely! The infinity design of the pool made for amazing photos and it looked out onto the river, which combined with great weather, gave a peaceful zen feeling. Just like the spa, we didn’t find the outside pool area to be too busy. There was no scrambling for sun beds or having to wake up early just to reserve one with your towel. The hotel also provides a towel service for the outside pool but to get one you must exchange your room card for a towel, which you get back when you return your towel after you’ve finished.


All in all I enjoyed my time at this hotel and I would stay here again. I liked the fact that it was far away from the city centre to avoid all the nightlife racket, but close enough to head into town and back without wasting too much time on travel. There were many old people staying at this hotel so it’s definitely one for the young party people, but for me that was perfect.

I hope this review helped. Feel free to ask my any questions and if you’ve stayed here before I’d love to hear of your experience.

Chanelli x

One thought on “Salini Resort Malta | My Honest Review

  1. Hot and tropical places always come with a cockroach hazard unfortunately, cringe 🔆 The North of Malta seems to have all the big all inclusive type hotels and vast sea views, this one looks great for a relaxing escape.


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