Why I Quit Social Media

  • I’m tired of social media.
  • I’m tired of the fake and unrealistic life that people present.
  • I’m tired of the mental health issues that it causes.
  • I’m tired people thinking they’re not good enough because of what they see.
  • I’m tired of the judgement.
  • I’m tired of the body shaming, mum shaming, women shaming.
  • I’m tired of the sensitive community who find fault in everything.
  • I’m tired of everything I see being classed as racist.
  • I’m tired of the negative energy that surrounds it.
  • I’m tired of my phone being the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning.
  • I’m tired of the assumptions people make about you based on your profile.
  • I’m tired of the fake engagement.
  • I’m tired of the fake empowerment.
  • I’m tired of everyone trying to be like everyone else.
  • I’m tired of the lack of social skills that social media brings in social situations.
  • I’m tired of people thinking they are entitled to my time.
  • I’m tired of social media masking who the real friends in my life are.
  • I’m tired of companies basing people’s worth on likes and comments.

Social Media has become something that drains my energy and no longer serves a purpose. I haven’t always been a major social media fan anyways but I have always had the accounts for friends and family. Never really spent a lot of time on there to let the effects of it hit me hard but that changed over the past year or two. I tried to take my blog and YouTube channel seriously and at first it was going really well. In fact, had I continued I do think I would have been at a decent level of success by now. However, the more time I spent on social media, the more it affected me and my life. I began to notice and see things that after a while just became nothing but negative aura. From the fake engagement to the shaming of women, it bit by bit began to take a toll on me. After a while I started to drift away from social media but that inevitably affected my YouTube channel and blog. We all know that to be successful, it’s important to have a social media presence, so I constantly battled with whether or not to go ahead and pursue my love for content creation and put up with social media, or whether to pull out completely. After some serious thinking, putting my mental health first was my priority. I always did wonder how my mental health would be affected if I wasn’t doing the thing that I loved in life but I’m starting to find other ways to fulfil my creative spirit that wont include the need to have a social media presence. I deleted my public Instagram page and snapchat. I wanted to delete all my Youtube videos but I still get income from them so there’s no point stopping the bag haha. Going forward I would love to continue blogging, but only as a hobby and with no intention to make money from it. It’s a safe place for me. I might not be consistent but at least it’s my little area on the web that I can go to when I have the urge to share a lil something with you guys 🙂

So that’s why I deleted my social media. Have you considered doing this before? How has having social media affected you and your life?

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