6 Tips On How To Help Banish Frizz For Good

The best way to reduce frizz on natural curly hair is to minimise the chances of your hair becoming dry and damaged. Here are 6 ways to help you do just that, ultimately leading to less frizz!

Reduce curly hair frizz

1. Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt

Towels can be rough on the hair strands, so to minimise the friction that may contribute to frizz, switch to using a t-shirt instead.

2. Comb, detangle and style your hair while it’s damp

Combing dry curly hair dry will damage your curl pattern and cause nothing but frizz. There’s no worse way to cause frizzy hair than to do this. Make sure that your hair is always damp before you comb and detangle it, as well as moisturised before you style it.

3. Avoid Heat Styling Products

Using any form of heat on your hair can cause your hair to dry out and ultimately become frizzy. It’s also a big cause for split ends and breakage. Minimise frizz by minimising the use of heated styling products, including straighteners and hair dryers.

4. Use Cold Water

Just like heated styling products, hot water can also cause your hair to become dry. Using cold water

5. Reduce Hair Washes. Instead Co-wash your hair.

Shampoos strip the hair of it’s natural oils, therefore it’s important to only wash your hair once a week. If you’re someone that tends to wash their hair 2-3 times a week, switch to using a conditioner instead of a shampoo for the other times during the week. Conditioners will clean your hair just as well but instead of stripping your hair of its natural oils, it will help to strengthen your hair strands and provide a protective layer, reducing the frizz.

6. Use a creamy moisturiser on thick curly hair

Curly and wavy hair requires more moisture than thin hair. Create moisture and cut back on frizz by using a leave-in conditioner and creamy textured moisturisers.


Do you have any other tips to help get rid of frizzy hair?

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