The Flexx x Spotify Event In London | November 2018

Yesterday I attended the November 2018 Spotify x Flexx event after being invited Channette, a friend I met at the Makeup Revolution Halloween Party. This event is aimed at those in the music industry who would like t0 mingle and connect with like-minded professionals. It ran from 6pm – 9pm in Central London and promised to provide food and drinks. Here’s how I got on.

What Is Flexx?

“Flexx is a female-focused, music and creative networking event, originally set up by Jamz Supernova of BBC Radio 1Xtra and, Radio and TV plugger, Amy Collins. What started as an initial hang out between friends of friends is now a 200 strong network of women from across the UK’s music and creative industry. Different from your typical ‘networking’ events, Flexx is a relaxed environment to enjoy a drink, hear some great DJ’s and meet some incredible like-minded women”.

Me, Chanette and Noami arrived at the event for 6:20pm, after stopping off at Wingstop UK to grab a bite to eat. When we arrived, there was already a long queue of people and we were told it was a 1 in 1 out situation. We were advised to go and come back, but we decided to stay so we could avoid losing our space in the queue. We headed up to the 4th floor and waited outside the room for a chance to enter. There was around 30 people waiting outside the room and after approx 20mins the doors opened to let everyone in – I guess they realised the system wasn’t working. When I entered, the space was a nice full, not overly packed, and as I looked around the pizza they provided was already gone but the bottles of wine was flowing. I had a white wine and stuck with that all night.



When you first enter the event, as always it can be a little intimidating. As these events have taken place before, there are people who already know each other or just use to it so mingling came natural. For me however, it took a few drinks before I could start being sociable. At first I was worried that my conversations would be irrelevant because I worked in TV Production and not Music, however after getting to know a few people, it was revealed that there are ladies from various creative industries just looking to network, not just music. Below is a snapchat video of me scanning the room – take a look and see what the setting was like.

As the night went on, I became more and more comfortable talking to various different people and just enjoying myself in general. Me and the ladies had a great time listening to music, dancing on the stage and taking photos. Although we were only in the room for approx 2 hours, the time didn’t feel like it went too quickly so I can definitely say that I had a nice time and the time was sufficient enough for me to mingle without feeling like I had to rush.

Some of the ladies I met included those who work at Spotify itself, a few marketing managers for Island Records and a lady in IT & Tech for major car companies. I also ran across a few people who worked at the BBC Radio station, which was a company I had been working for over the last 6 months.

It’s 9pm and the event came to a close. Though I didn’t get any pizza I was wavey from the lovely white wine and ready for a good night out – but it was a Thursday and people had work the next day so unfortunately that idea wasn’t doable and instead me and the girls made our way home. Oxford Street was closed so as buses were on diversion, I decided to walk down the street towards Charing Cross Station and admire the beautiful Christmas lights. Honestly the Christmas lights look even more beautiful when you’re wavey lol. So anyway, that was my evening at the Flexx x Spotify event in London. I had a great time and would definitely recommend it for anyone in the creative industries who’s looking to network with other successful women. To end this post, here’s a beautiful picture of the London Oxford Street Christmas Lights 2018.


Have you ever been to a Flexx event before? Let me know in the comments below.



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