The Makeup Revolution Halloween Party 2018

It’s 31st October so what better post to do than a highlight of my time at the Makeup Revolution Halloween Party? I was excited, as always, to be invited to yet another one of their amazing events and of course I’d be silly to say no. It was held at the National Science Museum in London and just like last year, I had an amazing time meeting other bloggers, playing with makeup and boogieing on the dance-floor. Here are some highlights from the night.

Halloween Makeup Look – ‘Queen of Hearts’

The theme of the event was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but because I haven’t actually seen it, I struggled to find a decent Halloween outfit. In all honestly, Halloween is my least favorite holiday so when I do buy something,  I like to make sure that I’d actually wear it again. With that being said, I still wanted to make an effort so being a makeup lover, I decided to do a Halloween makeup look. I went round and round in circles looking for a look that I could recreate and I just kept thinking, what the hell am I supposed to do or be. With a few more google and YouTube searches, I liked the “queen of hearts” idea and came across a tutorial by Jade Madden, which didn’t require any crazy materials and could easily be copied. So, the above photo is what I was able to do and in all honesty, I really liked my finish look. Dressed with all black, it was simply yet effective.

The Venue

As mentioned, this years Makeup Revolution Halloween party was held at the National Science Museum in London, I arrived at the venue around 9pm and as soon as I saw the entrance I just said “woooww”. Honestly the venue was so beautiful. It was lit up, the entrance looked grand and what was nerves in attending the event alone, soon turned to excitement.

The first thing I did was get a drink. I mean, it’s the thing that calms your nerves and standing by the bar avoids me looking like a deer in headlights. It gave me the chance to scan the venue, see what was going on and decide on what I was going to do next. In Revolution style, the drink bottles were themed and with a few options, I decided to go for the bottle I like the most. I didn’t know what the drink was, but it tasted good so I just went with it.

Meeting Bloggers

It’s always nerve racking to attend these events alone, and whilst sometimes Makeup Revolution does allow plus one guests, it’s not always the case. I’m not a shy person by any means, but I am someone who hates to force conversations so it’s always nice to have someone you already know around you. This year my guest was unable to make it so I was a little nervous about going alone and who I would meet. With that being said, I knew I would have to make an effort and thankfully I met more people that I expected.

Whilst at the bar, I came across a lady called Chanette Carleo, who I actually met at last year’s event. We got chit chatting about our careers (we work for the same company), YouTube, blogging life and other general stuff. It’s always nice when you recognize a familiar face and catch up again. Last year, we followed each other on Instagram but due to the algorithms, our engagement with each other eventually stopped so this year I’m definitely reaching out more often so she can stay appearing in my feed (the struggle of modern day Instagram aye!!).

Another person I met was Lauren Blonde-Vision. I’ve known Lauren for a few years now and she actually use to organise blogger events to help connect smaller bloggers with brands. We never really speak but I still keep updated with her blog and social media accounts because when I’ve gotten to know someone, I like to see their journey and of course check in to make sure everything is going well. The weird thing is, I was thinking about her recently. Whilst organizing events for smaller bloggers, Makeup Revolution actually threw their 1st Birthday but I hadn’t seen her at events since so it was definitely good to run into her and have a little catch up about what she’s been up to.

Ok so during the night I saw some amazing makeup and halloween outfit looks so I just had to get a photo. This is the lovely Luisa-Christie (above) who I met at the bar when I went back to get my second drink (maybe third or fourth haha). I loved her makeup and after following each other on Instagram, I had to get a quick photo. Can I just say her Instagram theme is amazing – it’s literally all blue!

Makeup Stand

Makeup Revolution are great for having attractions at their event. Last year they had an amazing photo booth but this year they had 2 sections where you could get a Halloween look from one of their makeup artists. Unfortunately I came prepared but had I not, it’s something I would have definitely been up for.

Halloween Makeup Looks

I know it’s hard to figure out what makeup look or costume to go for so towards the end of a great night, I just had to get some photos with people who’s costumes and makeup I loved. Maybe they can inspire you for Halloween 2019.


So after a great night, it was time to collect the goodie bag and get the hell on home. I left the venue at 12:30pm, which is the time is was supposed to finish and the latest I have ever stayed. The party was still going on when I left so you definitely know it was a gooooood night lol.





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