Why I Regret Getting Laser Hair Removal | My PCOS Experience

Laser hair removal – it was one of those methods that I’ve dreamed about having from a young teen but now that I’ve had it, I feel like I need to discuss the side effect that I experienced, which ultimately has led me to regret getting the procedure done in the area that I did it. In this blog post I will talk about why I wanted to get laser hair removal, the procedure itself and why I regret getting it on my face.

Why Did I Get Laser Hair Removal?

From a young age I’ve always been hairy. I’ve had hairy legs, hair arms, hairy back and a hairy face – basically i was one big hair ball. My mum was not hairy at all but my dad who has Indian in his blood was so I’ve always put it down to me inheriting his genes. In my late teens I was diagnosed with PCOS and one of the symptoms is in fact increased hair growth due to a higher level of testosterone. This of course may have contributed to the level of hair I had, or maybe it was just my dad – who knew! Either way I knew I hated having so much body and facial hair, and from a young teen I’ve always looked at laser hair removal as a permanent solution to the problem.

At school there were a few people who pointed out my hairy sideburns and overtime I came conscious of it. People said I had ashanti sideburns (who remembers that?) so in university I decided to wax it all off. I absolutely loved the feel and results of it but because I was waxing that area, I would develop spots and bumps but they would go away within the month, hence why I would continue to wax my sideburns over and over again. Fast forward to the age of 21, I started to get really bad skin and this was because I was getting into makeup and wore more and more over the years, I didn’t have a great skincare routine and on top of that I was waxing. The hair follicles started to cause ingrown hairs, the bumps I was getting started to turn to scars and I was now insecure about my skin in general so at this point I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup.

On Wowcher I saw a really good deal for laser hair removal and thought getting laser hair removal would mean no more waxing, which in turn means no more bumps, scars and bad skin. The wowcher deal was £129 for 6 sessions on a medium area at the Dermatherapy clinic on Harley Street, London. I’ve always been skeptical of getting laser hair removal from somewhere that’s not licensed like a salon or spa but I knew that Harley Street was a reputable place for such treatments and after reading a few reviews on this clinic, I was happy and decide to purchase the voucher.

My Laser Hair Removal Experience

My laser hair removal experience was absolutely fine to be honest. I settled in, signed  few papers and got straight on the table. I got a patch test done, which is normal everywhere you go and as everything went fine, I proceeded to get my first treatment 4 weeks later.

The treatment itself was very quick and easy. Because I did the treatment on my sideburns, they put a blindfold over my eyes for protection. I actually liked that because I don’t like to see anything that’s going to cause me pain (i’m the person that looks away during a blood test). A blast of air comes out of the cannula and as they make their way around the area, you do feel little pricks. Some areas are more painful than the others but this is all down to how thick your hair is and how sensitive the area is. I found that my general beard area was fine, but the thick hairs in my chin and near my ears were quite painful. My sessions took no more than 10 minutes in total, with the treatment itself lasting only 2-3 minutes.

Laser Results

As I do have dark skin, the clinic used the Nd:YAG laser on me, as this is more suitable for darker skin tones.

Why I Regret Getting Laser Hair Removal

I won’t lie, my results were great and 3 years on it’s still holding up. I would be ranting and raving about laser hair removal had I not experienced this side effect. About 2 months after my last laser hair removal session, I started to notice that I was growing hair on my chin area again (this time more), but more so my neck area. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had any hair on my neck area so when it starting sprouting out I was like wtf! I was getting grossed out and wondering whats going on. It started to get worse so I wasn’t happy about that. I mean, I have read things on the internet that say hair can trigger hair growth, but I always thought it meant triggering hair growth in the areas that were getting treated. I never got laser hair removal on my neck area so I was so baffled as to why this was happening to me. My sideburns is nowhere near as extreme as to how they were before and although I have had some regrowth, it’s very fair and not something that bothers me to be honest.

I”m not sure if it’s my PCOS that has contributed to this new neck growth but I spoke to someone after I got my treatment and they mentioned that they experienced the same issue, but in a different area. Now this lady doesn’t have PCOS yet she still experienced hair growth. She actually got her legs done but experienced an increase in hair growth around her bikini line area. She waxes this area anyway so it’s not something that bothered her, but for someone like me who’s hair growth is visible on a daily basis, it’s definitely not ideal and has led to some insecurities. I’ve been wondering what I can do to fix this. Of course, I wouldn’t mind getting laser hair removal again but this time I have to take into account that it could cause growth in other places like my collarbone (i dunno, i’m just saying). I don’t want hair on my collarbone people!!! wtf!

This whole situation is a mess and it’s frustrating because now I’ve got dark spots on my neck from hair removal and one of the reasons I got the hair removal was because the same thing was happening on my sideburns and i just wanted to clear my skin. Thankfully, 3 years on of having neck hair it isn’t as bad as how my sideburns were, but it’s still something I struggle with and trying to find a solution for.

I hope me detailing my personal experience has made you either think twice or do more research into the possible side effects. It’s definitely something to take into consideration because laser hair removal is expensive and you don’t want to be spending all that money on one area, just to have an issue on the next.

Have you had laser hair removal before?

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12 thoughts on “Why I Regret Getting Laser Hair Removal | My PCOS Experience

  1. This was a really insightful post, thanks. I never really considered laser seriously, I’ve kind of accepted my body hair at this point. But yeah, this was interesting to read. I wonder what the cause of the sudden hair growth in a new spot is…hm.


    1. Girl I wish I knew. I made a YouTube video about it and some people commented to say it was my PCOS, but i don’t think it was because there are many people who’s had the same experienced but didn’t have PCOS. Weird!


  2. Great post. I have high testosterone so I’m super hairy, I got laser removal in 2016, my hair didn’t grow for a while, then it started growing a year later after, but sparsely. The lasered areas is significantly darker. Got diagnosed with PCOS in Jan 2018. I now only wax, and I’ve learned how to wax myself. But for the most part I’m just accepting that I’m hairy.


    1. I don’t even mind being super hair on my body, but not just around my face. Thankfully the areas haven’t darkened but the scarring that comes with it is too much and i’ll never clear my skin as long as i have hair. Frustrating. Sorry to hear about your PCOS diagnosis btw. It sucks what us women have to go through lol

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have always wanted laser hair removal, but this has definitely inspired me to do more research. Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Have you looked into IPL hair removal? Uses the same sort of technology as lasers for long term hair removal and as far as I know it doesn’t stimulate hair growth the way lasers can. Not 100% sure on this so you’ll have to check but it might be a good alternative and you can buy at home devices which work out cheaper xx


  5. Agh that is so frustrating! Have you found any other remedies, or has your Dr advised anything that could help with the PCOS side effects? I did Laser hair removal and am indifferent about it. It worked in some areas, but not in others. Definitely is expensive to keep up with!


    1. Hey hun, no unfortunately not. All i do not is keep my hair trimmed really low. Not shaving so close to the skin has actually helped improve the scarring on my face so I will make an updated post about that.


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