How To Refresh Day Old Curls

how to refresh day old curls


We all have those days where our curly or wavy hair becomes frizzy and simply out of place. The curly hair becomes dry and significantly looses it’s curl pattern. In this article, I’m going to take you through the routine that I use to refresh my day old curls. It takes less than 10 minutes to do and only requires a few products.

About My “Spray & Comb”

Using this spray and comb method, the aim is to soften, strengthen, moisturise and detangle my hair all at once.

My frizz is usually caused when my hair is too dry, and at times when I have split ends, it just makes things worse.

The products that I use in my spray bottle are ones that I use on a daily basis and ones that have been proven beneficial to my hair health and hair growth.  I apply a leave-in conditioner before using this method because the conditioner will help to soften my hair and provide a protective layer to my strands, which is important with dry or damaged hair.

You may well find that other products are more suited to your type of hair. Not every curly head has the same curl pattern and texture so feel free to play around with your mixture using the products that work great for you. If you are going to use any cream textured products, apply these  once you have detangled your hair with the ‘spray and comb’ method.

What I Use

Hair products

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Curl activator
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Wide tooth comb

TipIf you don’t have  curl activator available, then I would suggest mixing water with just the oils. If argan oil or coconut oil is not available, then you can also use olive oil.

The Process

1) Pour 50 % Water, 40 % Curl activator, 5 % Argan oil and 5 % Coconut oil into your spray bottle.

2) Using your fingers, apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair ensuring it’s distributed evenly

3) Take a small section of your hair and spray the mixture in your spray bottle to your hair. Then using your wide tooth comb, start to detangle your hair from the bottom up.

Tip: If your hair is still dry when you’re detangling it, spray some more moisture onto the section. Remember to take care of your ends!

4) Repeat step 3 until you have detangled and combed through all sections of your hair.

5) Apply some more leave-in conditioner and moisturizer to your hair. If your hair is dripping then use a towel to squeeze out any excess moisture.

6) Style your hair as usual

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