4 Tips That Helped Me Start My Fitness Journey

If like me you’ve tried all the diets in the world to get skinny, but you’re still here fat and fitless then maybe I can help you get started. Like you, I’m just a regular girl who lacked motivation and probably scrolled through my phone wishing I looked like the IG models, all whilst eating a packet of crisps or some chocolate (God I love chocolate). 4 weeks ago, that all changed!! I haven’t been so motivated in ages (if ever) and I actually wake up at 7am to go to the gym before work!! Lord knows I never thought that day would ever come lol.

I haven’t been on this fitness journey long, which is why I wanted to write this for you guys. Trust me, I know exactly the feeling of wanting to look and feel great, but not wanting to put in the work, or wanting to get there in 4 weeks and giving up if it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, we all know it doesn’t work that way and any means to try and do that is 99.99% an unhealthy route to take. I also know the feeling of that dreaded gym and literally having to drag my feet to go. Oh and don’t remind me of how boring that treadmill is (urggghh!).

So with that in mind, I wanted to detail a few points that have really helped me to start my fitness journey. I hope it helps you too.

  • Watching Fitness Gurus on YouTube

I’m not talking about those skinny girls who claim to lose 20Ibs in 3 days. I’m talking about the women who tell you that you can actually eat and still look like them; those who tell you to ditch the scales and scientifically explain why numbers don’t really matter. These women are truly inspirational and actually refreshing when you love food but want to look good also. Here are a few people I watch:

  1. Whitney Simmons
  2. Elizabeth Zaks
  3. Maryana Dvorska
  4. Meggan Grubb
  5. Heidi Somers
  6. Amy Nicola
  • Knowing My Fitness Goal & Educating MySelf on How To Get There

“Can you build muscle on a calorie deficit”
“What HIIT workouts should I do”
“How to lose weight with PCOS”

I had so many fitness and diet questions but I had to make sure that I researched the answer to these questions before I could begin my journey properly. Now I’m not saying you need to be a fitness king or queen, but because I was someone who had the mindset that the only way to lose weight was to eat 1,000 calories a day, I really had to re-programme the way I thought about food and weight loss, which was by educating myself properly. It helps a lot because when you’re consuming certain foods or calories, you understand the scientific explanation

I’m not scared of food anymore. It’s definitely a trial and error situation though because foods don’t affect everyone the same, so you really have to find out what works best for you. I suffer from PCOS and for those who can relate, you already know the struggle!! But it’s one that I’m continuing to fight. When I fully understand what agrees with me and what doesn’t, i’ll be sure to let you know. But the point I’m making here is that when you’re educated on the process of losing and gaining fat or muscle, you really do ignore all these fad diets out there because they don’t last. I mean, it’ been 4 years and as I said, I’m still fat and fitless so that was a waste of time lol.

  • Reading More Into Weight Training, than Weight Loss

The term weight loss incorporates fat, muscle and water. So when you go on these fads diets, that’s exactly what you’re losing – fat, muscle and water. But when people say they want to lose weight, what most of them really mean is that they want to lose body fat (well that’s what I meant anyway). Just because the scale is going down, it doesn’t mean you’re losing body fat. If just being skinny is your goal, then hey I can’t stop you. But for those for you like me, who like the slim but toned and lean look, then you’re going to have to re-think this term weight loss and how you go about it.

Ditch the scales!!! Why? Because as you probably already know, muscle weighs more than fat, so when you do start to weight train and build your muscle mass, your weight on the scale could actually go up – whilst your body fat goes down. But if all you focus on is the numbers on the scales, when that weight goes up from you gaining muscle, it could mentally demotivate you because you think that what you’re doing isn’t working. That’s not good! So take photos because that’s a much better option. You will be see people who show a before and after photo of themselves, where they actually weight more but look WAY better than they did before – all because of their muscle gains.

  • Writing Out A Fitness Programme

OMG so this has got to be the part of my journey that keeps me waking up at 7am to go to the gym. Firstly, I already know that I have to go before work because the minute it gets to 6pm, I’m trying to go home so I can eat and sleep, not go to the gym to sweat and pump weights.

So why do I say this is important? When you know what you’re going to the gym for, it gives you a reason to go. I use to be the person that had no plan. So my day in the gym would consist on 20mins on the treadmill, 5mins on the rowing machine before I got bored and then I might do some squats in hope that my booty would grow bigger overnight. Honestly looking back, it was a sad sad workout. But because I didn’t see results in 1 or 2 weeks, I got demotivated and rarely used my gym membership. Or because I never had a plan, I would always say “I’ll go tomorrow”…but of course never did.

Writing a workout plan means when you get to the gym, you know exactly what you’re doing and you don’t leave until it’s finished. So you know what exercises you’re doing that day, how many reps and how many sets. This is what will drag you out of bed in the morning because you’re workout programme is not just something you’ve made up on the spot. You’ve watched the fitness YouTubers, you know your end goal and you’ve educated yourself on what you need to do to reach that goal – all you have to do now is follow the plan. And the good thing about following your plan is that you can work around your schedule, work at your pace, you’ve written the plan to fit your current fitness abilities and you can just continue to improve it as time goes by. I find that when it’s not your plan and you’re following a workout DVD for example, you may not be at the fitness level to finish the whole workout, which then demotivates you from sticking to it (well that’s what it did to me).

Let me know what tips helped you to start your fitness journey

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