5 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Buy Clothes From Fashion Nova



Fashion Nova seems to have taken the crown when it comes to Social Media Fashion and their popularity just keeps growing. Famously known for their amazing fitted jeans, Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Cardi B and Blac Chyna are amongst just a few names to promote the brand on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. If you’re into YouTubers then you’ll know that the likes of Jackie Aina and Patricia Bright are also fans of the brand (kind of). But despite the current hype, not all the reviews about Fashion Nova has been positive. So before you go crazy on the website, here are 5 things you need to know about their service before you splash your cash.

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1. If you purchase an item out of stock, you get a credit note, not a cash refund

This first reason to consider Fashion Nova before you shop there is because they don’t provide cash refund. This has probably got to be one of the most annoying things done by a retailer…and really something that doesn’t make sense. If you spend $30 on a dress and it turns out that the dress is out of stock, instead of Fashion Nova providing a refund, they provide you with an online credit note for the amount spent (which in this case is $30) so you can spend the money on something else on their website in the future. So many people have complained about this because it’s a dodgy way of ensuring that the company keeps your money without you receiving the item you paid for. Check out the email a YouTuber received after finding out the item she ordered was out of stock.

Fashion Nova Out of Stock email

Source: YouTube/SarahPrince

A normal website like ASOS would firstly, avoid a customer purchasing an already out of stock item and secondly, provide a refund if that error did occur. Just imagine if you only had $50 to find a nice dress for a friends birthday, which ended up being returned as a credit note. You no longer have this $50 to spend and instead of having the chance to search for another dress elsewhere, you’re forced to purchase an in stock item from Fashion Nova, which you may not particular like to wear.

2. The brand deletes or filters negative reviews from their website

The second reason to consider Fashion Nova before you shop there is because the brand are known for filtering any negative ratings so they don’t appear on their website. Yep unfortunately 3 stars and under do not make the cut, which is why you may see that their clothing always has a rating or 4 or 5 stars. But have you actually taken a closer look at what the customers have written? So many people have noticed that Fashion Nova deletes negative ratings so on some occasions customers have rated their purchase 5 stars, whilst writing a short review that warns customers not to buy the item. That’s because Fashion Nova doesn’t actually read their reviews before submitting them. Whether they have an automated system that accepts 4 & 5 star comments, whilst deleting the rest, we’ll never know….but always be sure to check the reviews under the ratings before you buy.

3. Their returns policy is terrible…even if they’re the ones who made the error!

The third reason to consider Fashion Nova before you shop there is because the brand are known for making mistakes and when they do, it’s the customer that loses out. Many people have complained in their reviews that Fashion Nova does not take responsibility for any errors made with customer orders. For example if they send you the wrong clothing item by mistake, instead of offering a free exchange like any good hearted retailer, they will issue you a giftcard and advise you to to repurchase the correct item…oh yes and you as a customer will need to repay for the shipping costs too, even though the error was made on their part.

4. The quality of the clothes aren’t the greatest

The fourth reason to consider Fashion Nova before you shop there is because the quality of the clothes you receive are very much a hit or miss. There have people stating the sizing and quality of fit is not up to par, and clothes have arrived with holes in them. Now if you’re reading this point thinking that happens in a lot of retail stores, just remember that other retail stores give you a full refund items if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase. This is especially true for online retailers since their customers are not able to judge the quality and fitting of the clothes in person.

5. Have a problem? Don’t rely on their customer service team to help

The fifth and final reason to consider Fashion Nova before you shop there is because their customer service is simply terrible. To be honest, I’ve never read about their amazing customer service anywhere and their seems to be a mutual agreement that Fashion Nova need to up their game in this department.

How are their Customer Service terrible you ask?

  1. Well for starters they very rarely or never answer their phone.
  2. People have reported incidences where they’ve attempted to call Fashion Nova, only to have the phone hung up on them numerous times.
  3. They take absolutely ages to respond to customer email, and when they respond it tends to be a very generic email that offers no solution to the actual problem.
  4. Their “free shipping over $75” is useless and orders tend to take a week…or month to arrive regardless of how much you spend.
  5. Oh and finally let’s not forget the point above about customers having to pay for shipping twice when Fashion Nova makes an error with their order

So there you have it – 5 reasons why you won’t want to buy from Fashion Nova, or should at least consider before you do. Order at your own risk but if you get screwed, don’t say you wasn’t warned.

Have you shopped at Fashion Nova before? Did you have a good or bad experience? Let me know in the comments below.


3 Comments on 5 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Buy Clothes From Fashion Nova

  1. I totally agree with you and besides all of it, this company deletes the negative comments on its instagram account! That’s unbelievable!!!


  2. I’m DONE with Fashion Nova! They are NOT customer friendly at all. The cothes aren’t the best quality but yes, they’re pretty cheap. They have way too many “odd” policies. One is items ending in “.00, .97, .98, .99 are not returnable and won’t receive store credit. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to speak with someone for assistance. I could go on and on but they won’t get another dime from me. I’m waiting to receive an item that I had a credit for and once I get it, I’m deleting and blocking their site from my emails! There are too many other stores that value me as their customer!! I’d highly suggest others do the same. Make them value and appreciate YOU as a customer because there are many other stores that will.


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