5 Things You Have To Do When You Visit Hong Kong

So a few months ago I returned from an amazing trip in Hong Kong and Macau. With so much space to cover, I just couldn’t get it done in 12 days so I will definitely be going back. If you are thinking of travelling to Hong Kong, then you’d be happy to know that this city alone has loads to offer and will surely keep  yourself occupied for the entire duration of your trip. To get you started, here are 5 of my personal favourites.

Visit The Ladies Market

If you’re looking for somewhere to get cheap souvenirs to take back home for yourself or others, then visiting a market in Hong Kong is definitely the place to get it. One of the most known markets in Hong Kong is the “Ladies Market”, situated a few minutes walk from Mong Kok MTR. Despite it’s name, it’s not just for ladies and people from all walks of life can pick up a good little bargain here. Many of the stools sell mass produced products and it’s easy to spot a lot of the same products, so it’s just about getting it for the best price. I’d definitely say walk and visit all the stools at least once so you can get a sense of the average price for the product you want. If you’re a tourist, the sellers will often quote you a very high price and then bargain you down if you decline. In fact, it can sometimes be hard to leave. I have witnessed and experienced being dragged back, in a non-violent way, into the shop to buy something even though I repeatedly told the seller I wasn’t interested. For example, the very first stool I went to, I saw a bag I liked. The seller told me it was HKD $280 (£28 GBP), but when I declined she bargained me all the way down to HKD $180 (£18 GBP). I thought I was getting a good price but as I walked up the market stools, I saw that many were selling the same bags and I’m pretty sure I could have picked it up for even less. So my advice – never buy from the first person you see.

Ride the Tram

If you’re from a western country like myself, one of the first things that may fascinate you is the road trams passing you by on main roads. I really did feel a sense of culture when I saw this and I made sure to take a ride before it was time to go back home. If you want to ride a tram, simply jump on at the back, take a seat and then exit by the front where the driver is sitting. You pay for your ride upon when exiting by tapping your octopus card on the scanner; I paid HKD $2.40 per ride.

Take The WaterJet Over To Macau

If you’re in Hong Kong then you absolutely have to visit Macau. It’s only an hour away on the ferry and opens up new and exciting adventures for you to enjoy on your holiday. Known as the ‘Las Vegas’ of China, Macau is filled with beautiful lights presented by various luxury hotels across the region. When you’re there, be sure to visit their hotels and shopping malls, as well as the Macau Tower for more adventures, including Bungee Jumping and a rotating 360 cafe with stunning views of the city. Prices for these adventures are pricey (e.g. Average of £300 for Bungee Jumping and £60pp for a buffet dinner at the 360 cafe), so be sure to bring enough cash with you if you want to have a good time. If you are indeed interested in visiting some of their luxury hotels, then I would recommend putting down the Galaxy Macau Hotel on your absolute must see list.

Take The Star Ferry & Watch The Light Show

Hong Kong is known for is their beautiful skyline so it’s definitely a must that you see it for your own eyes when you’re there. If you’re staying in Hong Kong Island then you’d need to travel across the river to Kowloon Island for the best seats. The Star Ferry can be picked up from the pier and is situated about 5 minutes from IFC One Mall or about 10minutes from Central Station MTR. You’ll need to cross a footbridge to get there, and if you see a big ferris wheel, then you know you’re heading in the right direction. The Star Ferry costs HKD $2.40 and takes 5-7 minutes to cross the river.

The lights show starts 8pm every night and I’d advise you to get there at least 15minutes early so you can get a good view. I will warn you, it says light show but it’s not as dramatic as the name may seem. Lasers point from different buildings and are in rhythm with the music playing in the background. It lasts for about 15minutes and if the weather is nice, would make for a great portrait photo.

Travel to “The Peak” of Hong Kong

Ever wanted to travel up through the clouds….literally? Well in Hong Kong you can do just that! Take the Peak Tram all the way to the highest point in Hong Kong to see the stunning views of the city. If the peak tram is not available, then you can pick up the number 15 bus from the bus station located near Hong Kong Station MTR or Central Station MTR. Again you’ll need your octopus card to travel so be sure that’s topped up with enough money.

So that’s all my personal favourite suggestions, but it’s definitely not everything. If you’re a family, go ahead and visit Disney Land or Ocean Park. If you’re into culture then visit the many Museums scattered around or the Buddha statue. And finally if you like the outdoors then why take a stroll in Kowloon park, ride the 360 Npong Ping cable car or enjoy the amazing nightlife in the town of Lan Kwai Fong.

Have you ever been to Hong Kong, or another city in China? If so, I’d love to hear all about it because I definitely want to go back.

One thought on “5 Things You Have To Do When You Visit Hong Kong

  1. I’d love to visit Hong Kong someday. Mainly to visit Hong Kong Disneyland. But I’d like to explore the city too.


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