My New YouTube Obsession: Lovelyti



Hi everyone, here’s another YouTube obsession for you guys and this time it’s Lovelyti.

Now for those of you who don’t know who she is then think of her as the down to earth version of Wendy Williams. She talks about celebrity and pop culture, reality tv, race relations in America and other topics that trend on the internet. She basically brings us all the latest tea and her opinions on that particular issue.

Now Lovelyti has been around for quite some time now. She started making YouTube videos on her channel Lovelyti2002 in 2009, but has many different channels that are dedicated to different topics. I personally watch Lovelyti2002 as the main channel because I do love pop culture topics, but sometimes I would ponder on some of her other videos when they pop up in the suggestions box.

I’ve been watching Lovelyti now for over a year but its only until recent that I became literally obsessed with her. I look forward to her videos and check back everyday you see of theres new gossip circulating on the net. Lovelyti is so refreshing!! Yes I watch Wendy Williams hot topics on YouTube as well sometimes but for me Lovelyti goes a more real approach to the topic. I also like how her video is dedicated to that particular topic whereas Wendy will cover many in one sitting so may not necessarily touch on the topics in as much depth as id like her too. Lovelyti does not hold back her thoughts and I guess thats what drew me onto her even more. Her no bullshit yet fair approach is something i can relate to and the community that exists amongst her commenters is one i like being a part of.

So guys if youre into hot topics then you can check out Lovelyti’s YouTube Channel and subscribe! Enjoy

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