My Night Time Routine For Growing Curly Hair Fast

my night time routine for curly hair growth

In this post i’ll be taking you through my night time routine and what I did to grow my curly hair fast. For those of you that haven’t already watched my 9 Tips For Growing Curly Hair Fast In 12 Months, head over there for some more great tips and advice.

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Why Is A Night Time Routine Important?

For me I found a night time routine to very useful in my curly hair growth journey. Once I started to understand exactly why my hair wasn’t growing as fast as I’d liked it too, it made me understand what I needed to do to change that. My night time routine helps to keep my hair moisturised which is very important, and it also helps to prevent frizz and ultimately split ends which leads to breakage and damage.

Does this mean that if you don’t follow my routine your hair won’t grow? No! But it just may grow at a slower rate. So let’s get started…

Step 1: Section Your Hair Like A Hot Cross Bun

hot-cross-bun-partingTo section your hair like a hot cross bun you simply part your hair vertically straight down the middle of your head, and then horizontally across the middle of your head. This way you should have 4 even sections which you can now work with. Pin 3 sections up so it’s out of the way and leave one section out to do the next few steps.


Step 2: Spray & Detangle

There’s no doubt that your curly hair will probably be a bit dry and/or knotty from being left alone all day. So the aim here is to bring it back to life by detangling the hair leaving it ready to be moisturised. To do this, simply take your water spray bottle and spray some moisture onto your parted section. Then using a wide tooth comb start to detangle your hair from the bottom up. Do not force or pull your hair if the comb is struggling. Instead look at where the hair is tangled, and gently untangle it using the teeth of your comb or fingers if that will help. Ripping out your hair is never a good idea. Once the section has been fully detangled, it’s time to moisturise.

Step 3: Moisturise Your Hair

10_african-pride-olive-miracle-moisturizer-lotion-1To moisturise my hair I use two main products – the care free curl instant moisturiser and the african pride olive miracle moisturising lotion. Sometimes I would also apply some coconut oil or argan oil to the ends of my hair to reduce the chances of getting split ends, but this wasn’t an everyday occurrence, nor was it a necessity. Choose whatever moisturiser is best for your hair type.


Step 4: Braid Your Hair

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-23-41-41This final step is pretty much self explanatory. Plait your hair tightly to the ends and then if your hair doesn’t grip, use a hairband on the ends to make sure that it doesn’t come undone overnight. This will help your hair to grow and become more manageable in the mornings. Do this routine for around 2 months to notice a difference.


What’s your night time routine? What products to do find works best for your curls? Let me know below!



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