NYX First Impressions

As you may know, NYX Cosmetics launched in the UK earlier in the year. NYX is a US brand, named after the Greek goddess of the night, and started out at trade fairs. From small beginnings come great things, and now they’ve become a huge hit worldwide amongst bloggers, MUAs, and make-up enthusiasts everywhere. The brand gets rave reviews as it is so affordable and, apparently, pretty amazing quality!

So, when the brand announced they would be landing in Boots this year, I was super excited – I had been coveting the soft matte lip creams for so long! NYX had been on my radar for a long time, so I couldn’t wait to try out the cult products for myself.


When I finally had a free day to take a trip to my nearest Boots, I was surprised to see such wide product variety – I had expected to see one or two stands at most – but, there are around four double sided stands at my local Boots in Liverpool. From what I’ve seen, the NYX counters in other Boots branches are fairly big too. You definitely get a huge variety of products with NYX, which is probably one of my favourite things about the brand. The soft matte lip cream comes in over thirty shades, and there are hundreds of shades in the eye shadow singles.

Both my purse and I left Boots happy, and I couldn’t wait to try my new make-up out – I know I’m not the only one that gets that new make-up rush! The price of NYX products is also amazing – I’ve included the prices below so you can see what I mean! If you want to see what I bought and whether the quality lives up to expectation, keep reading.

Soft Matte Lip Cream (£5.50) – Cannes

I bought this product based on a recommendation from a friend with a similar skin tone to my own, so I trusted I’d love it as much as she did. My first impression was that the formula lives up to its name; it is very creamy when applied, and dries down matte. However, my only issue is that it sinks in to the fine lines of my lips, and can look quite cakey. With the right preparation before application, I think this issue is fairly manageable. I don’t love the colour as much as I wanted to, but this is purely because I feel like it is too pink on my skin tone – this is definitely a product that looks different from person to person.

Soft Matte Lip Cream (£5.50) – Transylvania

This is my latest NYX purchase, and I really wanted to love this shade after my slight disappointment with Cannes – and I really do. As the name suggests, the colour is dark, vampy, and bold. Again, the application is creamy, but dries down matte. It takes a fair few swipes of the applicator to get an even, opaque colour, but you can use fewer swipes and get a more sheer finish too which I think is actually a plus – it gives you more ways to wear the product. I find the consistency of Transylvania to be much less cakey than Cannes, and it doesn’t settle in to my lips too much, but I think this may be because the colour is so deep you can’t tell.

My one issue with the soft matte lip creams is that they do not last long at all – I particularly noticed this with Transylvania because the colour is so dark, so as soon as it wears off it begins to look extremely patchy.

Pro Foundation Mixer (£7.50) – Luminous

I bought these on a whim, but they have actually turned out to be one of my favourite products. The idea is that you mix the drops with your foundation to change the colour or coverage. Luminous, the shade I bought, is described as a champagne cream with gold undertones, but there are other shades available designed to lighten, darken or brighten your foundation; they are especially useful in the summer if your current foundation becomes too light! I found the drops made my foundation look dewier and gave a lighter coverage, and you can change the amount of the product you use to give different levels of luminosity. I also use the Pro Foundation Mixer as a subtle liquid highlight, dabbed on my cheekbones over my foundation; any product that is multi-purpose gets a big yes from me!


Translucent Studio Finishing Powder (£8.00)

This was my first translucent powder, and I’m definitely not disappointed. The consistency of the powder is super soft and silky, and feels just as good on the skin without looking cakey or white on my olive skin – my biggest fear! I feel like this powder would definitely work on any skin tone and any skin type; it leaves a matte finish and mostly prevents shine (any powder that will do this fully is still hiding from me), but it doesn’t seem to cling to any dry patches. It is fairly long lasting, but as with most NYX products, it does need regular top ups.


Hot Singles Eye Shadow (£3.50) – Dayclub

I absolutely love this eyeshadow! The colour is perfect to sweep on everyday as it is pretty neutral with just a hint of shimmer – I think this would look gorgeous on every skin tone, too. The formula is pigmented, creamy, and easy to apply. Another plus is that they come in pan form, so you can add them to a palette of your choice or start a new one (which is very tempting) – they also come in single pots if you prefer. I really couldn’t recommend these eye shadows enough; plenty of choice, great formula, and a super low price!

Overall, I’m really impressed with NYX. They’re very affordable and for the most part, the quality is definitely amazing, especially when you consider the price – my number one recommendation has to be the eyeshadows.

If you have any thoughts on NYX or any products you loved or hated, let us know!

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2 thoughts on “NYX First Impressions

  1. NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Check out the Prismatuc shadows sometime. They’re gorgeous. My favorite is Mermaid. You can change the look/intensity depending on what color base you use underneath.


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