Solange Knowles – A Seat At The Table | Listen To Full Album

If you’re in the know then you’d know that Solange Knowles released a brand new album called ‘A Seat at the Table‘ on September 30th. According to Solange, the album took 4 years to write and it’s her first album to reach the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 Chart.

The album contains interludes from her mother, father and Master P, who talk about their experiences growing up black. Features on the album include Lil Wayne, The Dream and Kelela. The full album is available for download on Spotify but if you don’t have that then you can listen to A Seat at the Table below.

Personally my favourite songs are:

  1. Cranes In The Sky (starts at 05:27)
  2. Mad (starts at 10:34)
  3. Don’t Wish Me Well (starts at 43:55)
  4. Scales (starts at 49:25)
What are your favourite songs from the album? Let me know below.



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