Is It True Sephora Is Coming To London?

This was my reaction the moment I read on Cosmopolitan that Sephora could possibly be coming to London.


They sell Disney Collection makeup for crying out loud. How could you not be excited?

So whats the deal? Well I was minding my own business as you do, browsing through Twitter on a Saturday evening seeing what people in the blogosphere were talking about… and then this happens:

Guys I could have died! Like I kept saying “is this a joke”! Who would start a rumour that could ruin the joy of so many? And if you don’t feel the same then you have to ask yourself “Do you really love makeup the way you think you love makeup”.

Well according to my reliable source Cosmopolitan, they say a few superheros out there spotted Sephora framework going up in Stratford Westfield, the apparent location.


If you don’t know what Sephora is then think Boots and Selfridges makeup counters mixed into one. They have stores in many countries including France, Spain, Australia and America. Now they did have one in London a few years back but that was at a time when YouTube never existed, winged eyeliner was considered another language and quite frankly the generation wasn’t as awesome as we are now…so basically they up and left us. Since then all we could do was dream that they’d come back and until then, settle for a mass shop every time we went on holiday. Not any more thooooouughhhh! Woop Woop!

Knowing me before I got too deep into my emotions I had to find out if it was true. Cosmopolitan tends to be bible with things that they say but there was nothing wrong with an extra keyword search in Twitter to see if anyone else could confirm….and you bet your ass I found evidence! Here is a tweet from a girl that works in Stratford Westfield.

The first tweet was retweeted 3.5k times…how could it not be true! That’s all the verification we need right?

So Sephora is opening up in London Westfield Stratford…all we need is the date. If anybody finds out be sure to let me know 🙂

Brands by Sephora

Before I go, I want to get you just a little bit more excited. As you know Sephora stock a lot of brands that aren’t available in places like Boots or Superdrug so I’m really hoping that they bring this aspect to London as well. Yes we might be able to find a stand somewhere else, like Debenhams but who really want’s to be walking from shop to shop for different brands? A true addicts wants everything in one place! A few brands I’m looking forward to checking out are:

  • Disney Collection
  • Huda Beauty
  • Cover Fix
  • Smashbox
  • DevaCurl
  • Manic Panic
  • Too Faced

Check out their full brands list

P.s. They’re opening a Miss Guided too!


Are you looking forward to Sephora opening up in London? What are some brands you’re looking forward to?

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