I Did My Own Marley Crochet Braids At Home

I know I know they look amazing! Honestly guys I’m so proud of myself. Last week I wanted a new hairstyle and I’ve been seeing women do crochet braids everywhere, so I wanted to give it a go. Now you know I’m not the one to go to the hairdressers so with the help of a few YouTube videos, I popped down to the hair shop to purchased 5 packets of Marley Twists, some black thread and a crochet needle.

The first thing I did was braid my hair back to create something for the braids to be crocheted onto. Thank the lord I already knew how to cornrow otherwise that would have been another hurdle that I would have had to cross, but if that’s something you’re worried about, then check out this video detailing how to braid your own hair.

There are many different braiding patterns out there that you can do but I really didn’t want to stress myself out about that. So in the end I just went with the classic braids going backwards; no criss cross, no snakes and no complications. In total I’d say the cornrows took me about an hour to do.

Once the cornrows were done it was time to crochet on my braids. It was soooooooo easy! Like reaaaalllly easy! How did I think it would ever be hard? I’d say the only thing you’d have to worry about it distributing the hair evenly enough so there aren’t any big gaps in the back of your head. In my packet I got 20 bits of hair, which is the normal amount. So if you do the maths, with 5 packets of hair I got 100 bits of hair to work with, which I would have to scatter throughout my hair. Considering the hair strands were quite thick and frizzy, it wasn’t hard to hide parts that may have been gappie. My tip to avoid that would be to put less hair at the bottom because ultimately it’s only going to get covered with all the hair that you put on top….unless you plan on putting your hair up. Now that is something that I just couldn’t do with this hair (I honestly tried and don’t think it was possible). In total, it took me 2 hours to put the hair in and as you can see, the end results were amazing!

Have you ever tried crochet braids? Let me know below.



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