My 3 Bag Choices For The Working Woman

Today I am going to be talking about everything bags’, specifically about work bags. I always take so much stuff to work and can never find a cute bag to put it all in. I have done my research and chose a few personal favourites that I have listed below and I have also detailed where you can purchase them.

1.Gym Lover

The first bag is perfect for you gym lovers, you know, those who go to work and want to go straight to the gym after. Want to look fashionable but still be able to carry your trainers around too! I love this bag and I don’t even go to the gym.  I love the fact it has so many different handle options, from hand to shoulder to body. Suiting everyone’s individual needs and preferences.




Shop It Here – RI Active black neon trim gym tote bag

2. Stand Out Chick

The next bag is for you individuals that like to stand out from the crowd. This bag will add a touch of sass to any outfit. The structured shape still making it look smart and sophisticated with the metallic colour adding real character.



Shop It Here – Silver structured tote handbag

3. The Simple Rucksack

I do love a good rucksack and this is just that! It’s simple looking in the colour black, but adding the gold hardware makes it look a bit more upmarket. If you work in a more casual environment but want to add a bit more style to your outfit, this is perfect.





Shop It Here – Black leather look zip around backpack

Which is your favourite? Let me know below!

Much Love

Melissa Offord XO 


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