My New YouTube Obsession: Sayria Jade

sayria jade

Hey guys, so I’m back with another YouTube obsession and this time it’s Sayria Jade. She’s another curly head (I’m starting to see a pattern here) who mainly talks about hair care on her channel, with the odd makeup video lurking about.

Sayria jade stands out for me because she has a very sweet and down to earth personality, along with bomb thick curly hair. She has something about her that draws you in and it makes you want to watch more of her videos. Of course she’s a beautiful young woman as well and when it comes to YouTube that definitely helps. Her curls are to absolutely die for and I was eager to see her routine, including the products she uses to take care of all that bush. Her curls seem to be frizz free and that use to be something I struggled with so her advice has definitely helped me on my continued curly hair journey.

As it stands I’ve been watching Sayria Jade for about 8 months now. I always look forward to her videos and she just seems like a breath. of fresh air. So to check her out, head over to Sayria Jade’s Youtube Channel now.


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