What Does 100 Layers of Makeup Look Like?

Ever had a random thought and wondered what 100 layers of makeup will look like? Yeah me neither! But trust someone in the beauty blogging community to come up with such a crazy idea. The new YouTube craze sees various beauty bloggers packing on 100 layers of makeup on their face, lips, and generally all over to simply see what it will look like. Yep, no other reason but to see what it will look like. I must admit however that for entertainment purposes it’s pretty cool. After all, none of us are going to waste 100 days worth of makeup on one daily task that’s meant just for fun right?

Josefin Lillakas who is known by her YouTube name Jeely first started off with doing 100 layers of mascara. 1 week later it proved to be so popular that she decided to do the challenge again but with foundation instead. Here is how it all turned out.

0 layers of makeup

0 layers of makeup jeely

20 layers later


60 layers later

60 layers

80 layers later

80 layers in

100 layers later

100 layers

So if you had loads of fun looking at these pictures as much as I did, wondering what the hell she was thinking but somehow still pretty impressed with it all, then why take time out of your “busy schedule” to watch the full video below to see how she got through it all. 😀

—————————- VIDEO —————————-

Let’s be real, it looks cool but ain’t nobody got time for that!

Let me know your thoughts below.

2 Comments on What Does 100 Layers of Makeup Look Like?

  1. Great post! I saw this a couple days back and I was CRYING for her pores!!! Imagine the damage *GAAHH* I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with youtube and this challenge! I’ve become even more obsessed with YT after my followers convinced me to start a channel up – ADDICTED! x

    http://www.lexilife95.com & https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjf_Yy-CZV0Tq9EgU2RG9Jw


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