Wow Long Lasting Peel-off Lip Tint Review

A few weeks ago I heard about a peel off lipstick so I thought why not give it a go. Ordered from eBay for only £2.99 my product arrived within a week and I was eager to give it a go, which I decided to whilst in my PJs watching the new series of Orange Is The New Black!

The Product

Product: Wow Long Lasting Lip Colour (available in 6 colours)
Price: £1.99 – £2.69
Where: eBay | Amazon

The Application

Applying the Wow Peel off Lipstick was pretty easy and surprisingly not very messy. The texture reminds me of PVA glue; quite thick  and sticky. If you have dry lips then I would definitely recommend applying some lip balm beforehand as the thick products seems to slightly drag your lips when you apply it. The smell was somewhat different, but bearable and to avoid your lips sticking together, you need to keep your mouth open as you apply the product to both the top and bottom.


So what’s the problem with this lip tint tattoo? Well when you apply the product, the accuracy of putting this on within your lip line is somewhat impossible….unless you’re a makeup superhero of course. With this being said, it does go everywhere but once you peel it off it the results are someone great!


The Results

As you see from the photo, my results turned out much better than I expected. I waited 2 minutes before peeling off the product and it revealed this lovely, but not too bright, red lip tint. The lip tint tattoo as they call it, came from very easily with no pain experienced whatsoever. My lips did feel a bit sticky afterwards so you just have to make sure that you’ve removed all the little residue, especially from the corner of your mouth. My lips weren’t particularly dry but I don’t necessarily suffer from dry lips so if you do, I would recommend applying a lip balm after the process.


How long does it last? Well including me eating my dinner and having a bottle of water, this product lasted a good 4 hours before it started to fade. As I write this review, I’m 7 hours in and the product still hasn’t fully faded, however the colour is not as strong as it’s seen to be in the photo above.

Have you tried a peel-off lipstick before? If so let me know your experience below.


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