African Pride Hair Products For Curly Hair


BrandAfrican Price
ProductMoisturizer Lotion | Leave-in Conditioner | Silky Hair Moisturizer | Braid Sheen Spray
Price: £2.49 – £7.69
WhereLove Afro Cosmetics | Any local afro-caribbean hair shop

“This product is the bomb ya’ll”

The African Pride collection is a range that i’ve been using for a while now; ever since I cut my hair off in February 2014. Because I have quite dry coarse hair, I was told by a professional hairdresser that I once knew about the different hair products that she would personally recommend – African Price was one of those. I first tried the moisturising lotion and leave-in condition, which I thought was absolutely amazing. Seriously guys it smells so good (people says it smells like Huba Buba), it’s light, it doesn’t feel greasy on your hair at all and it really does bring out the curls. It is a tough one because just like many people with curly hair, the ends do get dry pretty quickly and so does the middle section. On that note I have to make sure that I really take the time to part my hair into sections to ensure I don’t miss out on the middle.

African Pride Hair Products For Curly Hair

The Range

So though I only have 4 products that I personally use, there’s a lot more out there. Don’t be put off by the word ‘African’; I really believe that this range will suit anyone who has quite dry coarse hair in general. If you have thin hair, it’s not for you!

Within their entire product range they have different products for adults and children (dream kids), and then they break these down into little different sections of their own.

  • Natural Miracle TMS
  • Olive Miracle
  • Shea Miracle

I can’t give any advice on how good the whole African Pride range is, because I haven’t used all of their products. Some of their products are specifically for natural afro hair, whilst others are used for chemically treated and/or texturised hair. If you’re in the middle like me (especially if you have curly hair) then I’d say go for the Olive Miracle range and see what you think. From first hand experience, I can honestly say that I love love love it! They do exactly what they promise – “helps keep hair strong and beautifully healthy looking by dramatically reducing breakage and dryness” – honestly guys I wouldn’t agree more.

Have you come across any hair products that you’ve been loving recently? What would you recommend to others? Let me know below.


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