Lil Kim’s Posts An Extremely White Instagram Photo

lil kim instagram

I sent this photo around to all my friends and asked them to guess who it was. The responses I got were along the lines of “Do I know her?” and “Is this a trick question? Is it really a man?” The sad thing is this photo is one of the notorious female rappers to have lived yet it’s something that kids growing up will never know and it’s a face that no-one will ever have recognised.

This people, is LIL KIM!

Yep, Lil Kim shared this remarkable photo of her looking extremely white on her instagram page with the caption “Miami Heat” and it appears she’s undergone an MJ transformation, changing the colour of her skin, hair and nose shape.

Lil-Kim-BeforeIf you don’t know what Lil Kim use to look like then take a look at this photo [left]. Her nose was broader, the skin was darker and her hair was thicker. This is the Lil Kim that everybody knew!

People have taken to social media to ask why she’s decided to continue lightening her skin after many years. Many have posted their concern about the disturbing fact that her desired facial features are ones that resemble a white european woman. With that being said, there are a lot of women within the black community who have expressed their experience of self-hate growing up, as a result of either bullying or the media’s representation of what “beautiful” should be. Unfortunately, Lil Kim just had the resources to do something about it, and this is the result.

Here’s a few things Lil Kim has said in an interview. I’ll leave this with you, lets not judge!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.20.08

Have you ever experienced self-hate? What caused this and what did you do about it? Let us know below.



3 Comments on Lil Kim’s Posts An Extremely White Instagram Photo

  1. She looked fine the way she was. My mind is totally boggled as to why she wants to look like a white girl when she was beautiful as a black women.


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