The PRISM Rainbow Highlighter Just In Time For Festival Season

Just look at how beautiful it is! It’s basically magic for your face 🙂

Prism Rainbow Highlighter by Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty.

Source: Instagram

Calling all mermaids and festival goers! I’ve got a brand new craze for you and it’s a rainbow highlighter 😮 This pretty palette has become the exciting thing on the makeup market and I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before it becomes the new trend, with lots of YouTubers and makeup hopefuls jumping to try it out. It’s arrived just in time for festival season so let’s hope that we can all get our hands on one before our festival date comes and goes.

So what is it exactly? Well the Prism Rainbow Highlighter is a handmade makeup palette by Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty, which with one swipe could top up your fierce contouring skills with a shiny rainbow effect. If the mermaid and glitzy look isn’t exactly your style then you can of course be boring and blend it in like a normal highlighter, where you will achieve a silver-green shimmery colour.


Another great thing about the rainbow highlighter is that it works on all skin tones (yay for me). Here is an example of what Prism looks like on darker skin tones.

Prism rainbow highlighter on darker skin tone

Source: Instagram. Prism rainbow highlighter on darker skin tone.

Where can you buy this from you ask? Well this palette is being sold on Etsy. According to my research (aka Google) the palette is being sold for $22 USD, which equates to £15.31 GBP. Now this doesn’t include shipping but I don’t think it’s a bad price to pay for a unique and magical product that’s guaranteed to make you shine bright like a diamond *Rihanna voice*

If you’re looking to get your hands on the makeup palette then you may have to wait a little bit longer as it is currently sold out. With that being said, Bitter Lace Beauty did post an update on Instagram to inform everyone that she’s working very hard to fulfil orders and get these palettes back in stock so for all you hopefuls, be patient and keep your eye out on her Instagram page for all the updates.

Oh wait before you go, I forgot, you want to see what the highlighter looks like when applied. Well here it is…enjoy!

What’s your thoughts on this new beauty craze? Does this look like something you’d want to try? Let me know below.


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