Is The Spray On Nail Polish Worth The Splurge?

Nails In Spray on nail polish review

A spray on nail polish? How revolutionary!

Nails In Spray on nail polish review

Nails Inc London have released the worlds first ever spray on nail polish and the internet has been going crazy. It was very difficult to get my hands on one but I managed to grab the last one in stock at Selfridges London for a discounted price of £5.00. Usually priced at £10.00, saying I feel lucky is an understatement. Over the weekend I decided to try out this new and exciting product, but did it disappoint? Well here’s everything you need to know.

How Do You Apply It?

The spray on nail polish was rather easy to apply; easier than what I thought it’d be. In short all you had to do was apply a base coat, spray on your polish, apply a top coat and wash your hands. Think of hair spray – except for your nails 🙂

Is It Messy?

Yes, very! In comparison to a normal nail polish that is. I would definitely recommend laying down a towel on the surface before spraying on your nail polish because it will literally get everywhere in the surrounding areas. The closer you spray the less messy it is, but they do recommend that you spray from a distance for better results…kind of like hair spray. Also, it leaves little flying residue in the air which somehow manages to find it’s way around. Be careful and you’ll be fine.

How Many Coats Do You Need?

One coat can be enough, but I would definitely recommend a second coat just to make sure that you’ve filled in all the gaps that may not show up so well under certain lighting. Also, a second coat will help your polish to last just that little bit longer.

Drying Speed.

Surprisingly it dries really really quickly; a lot faster than a normal nail polish. I’d say give it about 45 seconds and you’re ready to go!

Is It Easily Removed?

Yes. It’s removed just as easily as traditional nail polishes. And if you’re thinking about the mess around your fingers after you spray it, well that is removed surprisingly easy with warm water and a bit of scrubbing.

Staying Power.

Personally mine lasted a day without any chips and so it wasn’t as long as I would have liked it to last. Topping it up was too much stress because I didn’t want to go through the messy situation again so it loses points in that area.

My Thoughts

Personally I think that this new revolution needs a bit of work before I’d recommend it or go out of my way to purchase it again. I thought that the whole point of buying a spray on nail polish was to reduce the amount of time that it took to do your nails, but actually if I think about the amount of mess it creates and the cleaning up process, I’m not actually saving myself any time at all. Could you really imagine being in a rush and trying to do this whole process on the train or in your friends car? It just isn’t feasible. Though the product can be removed from your skin quite easily with warm water and a scrubber, cleaning around the cuticles was quite complicated so a lot of “careful” behaviour was definitely needed; something I just didn’t have the patience for. I was focused so hard on making sure that the actual polish didn’t chip whilst wiping away the edges but I can’t say that I was very successful. One simple mistake and one simple slip led to a few chipped ends, so I couldn’t get a clean finish like I would have done from using traditional nail polishes.

The retail price for this product is £10. I was able to get it at a discount for £5 at Selfridges, which I feel very lucky about. I wouldn’t want to pay more than £5.00 for this product having had the experience of using it and having seen the results. The price of £10 in my opinion is too expensive, simply for the fact that it’s just too much hassle. To me the £10 is there because of the hype around a spray on nail polish. It’s not something you get everyday so because it sounds a lot more exciting than the traditional nail polish, people are more likely to buy it at a higher price. Also the colours are limited so if you don’t like pink or silver then you’re pretty much screwed. So is it worth the splurge? No.

Overall I give this product a rating of 5 out of 10.

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Have you tried to Nails Inc Spray On Polish? If so let us know your thoughts below.

7 thoughts on “Is The Spray On Nail Polish Worth The Splurge?

  1. Yeah I don’t think I would buy this 😭 I was honestly hooked and then as soon as you said mess and then some coming off when you were trying to get it off your fingers I was like NOPE not for me 😂

    That sucks though because spray on nail polish is a good idea🤔 oh well


  2. I watched Tati’s (Glam Guru Life) review on this supposed revolutionary paint nail polish as well. Personally, I have to agree with you and Tati’s, I think this product needs a lot more work before it tries to be re-launched. I can see the idea behind it, but with so many more negatives that bloggers are identifying with, it definitely is not worth to spend on a nail polish that isn’t really ready yet, if you know what I mean. I do like Nails Inc nail polishes, but this product looks like it’s a miss for me.

    Caryl –


    1. I totally agree! It’s just too much hassle for what it’s worth. Some people have said that they loved it but I honestly don’t think they’re being realistic and looking at the whole picture. I mean, the colours are alright and the idea of it is great, but like you said, it’s just not ready. Thanks for passing by 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

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