My New YouTube Obsession: Jasmine Brown


10% body, 90% hair, that’s how Jasmine Brown describes herself! This fellow curly head has become my most recent obsession on YouTube. Her sense of style and attitude is right up my street and with over 300,000 subscribers, I definitely predict her to be one of the next big things.

Jasmine Brown goes by “JasMeannnn” on her social media accounts and regularly uploads hair, fashion, lifestyle and beauty related videos on her YouTube channel. I first came across her via one of her hair videos and automatically fell in love with how long and bushy her hair was. In fact, it made me love my curls even more and even got me back on track to growing it back out.

At only 20 years of age Jasmine has already received quite a bit of attention. Her photos on Instagram would suggest that she is a model for street style clothes and according to a recent Tweet, she has been receiving lots of positive interest from various companies and brands.

Her most popular video is her curly to straight hair tutorial, which has received more than 5 million views since she first posted it in June 2015. More recently she has been uploading once a day so why not check her out and see why she’s my new obsession!


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