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Every week a scheduled bloggers discussion takes place on Twitter using a specific hashtag; this is known as a Bloggers’ Twitter Chat. In many cases a blogger will be appointed as a host and proceed to ask questions throughout the time frame in which the chat takes place. The bloggers who decide to participate in the Twitter chat will answer the hosts’ questions, follow the conversation and engage with other bloggers in the chat using the specific chat hashtag. In many cases, bloggers can apply to be a host for a chat by contacting the organiser of the Twitter chat. Check out the official Blogger Chat timetable below. The majority of these chats run for an hour on GMT (UK time). If you’re overseas please take this into consideration.


6pm – #GIRLSTRAVEL – For female travellers
7pm – #BDIB – ‘Bloggers do it Better’
8pm – #CREATIVEBIZHOUR – For all creative bloggers
8pm – #FBLOGGERS – For fashion bloggers
8pm – #HEALTHYSELVES – For all bloggers interested in fitness
8pm – #MHMONDAY – For bloggers interested in mental health
8pm – #BEAUTYBABBLE – For beauty bloggers
8:30pm – #IRISHBLOGGERS – For Irish bloggers


6pm – #SBNChat – Scottish Blogger Network Chat
6pm – #GIRLSTRAVEL – Women to talk about travel
7pm – #CRAFTBLOGCLUB – For all craft bloggers
7pm – #BOOKBLOGGERS – Author, book and literary chat for all book bloggers
7pm – #FBLCHAT – Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger chat
7pm – #MYBCHAT – PR, networking and how to best market your blog
8pm – #UKBLOGTALK – General blogging chat
9pm – #BLOGHOUR – General bloggers chat – tips, advice and ideas
9pm – #TWEETURSIS – A chat about promoting small businesses for women


7pm – #LBLOGGERS – For lifestyle bloggers
8pm – #STYLECHAT – For fashion bloggers
8pm – #BBLOGGERS – For beauty bloggers
9pm – #BBOE – ‘Blogging Bit Of Everything’ – all things blogging


5:30pm – #LUXTRAVELCHAT – For luxury travel bloggers
7pm – #BLOGGERSPACE – For all bloggers
7pm – #CRAZYBLOGGERS – For all bloggers
8pm – #FBLOGGERS – For fashion bloggers
8pm – #FDBLOGGERS – For food bloggers
8pm – #CFBLOGGERS – For cruelty free beauty bloggers
8pm – #MONETISEMYBLOG – For all bloggers
8pm – #VLOGGERSCHAT – For the vlogging community
9pm – #TRAVELBLOGGERS – For travel bloggers


6pm – #SOCIALBLOGGERS – For all bloggers
7pm – #BEAUTYCHAT – For beauty bloggers
8pm – #BDIB – ‘Bloggers do it Better’
8pm – #MBLOGCHAT – For mum bloggers


6pm – #SOCIALBLOGGERS – For all bloggers


5pm – #PABCHAT – ‘Pick A Blogger’
6pm – #FITBUNNIESCHAT – For bloggers who want to get fit and healthy
7pm – #LBLOGGERS – For Lifestyle bloggers
9pm – #30SBLOGGERS – For bloggers in their 30s
8pm – #BBLOGGERS – For beauty bloggers
9pm – #PSBLOGGERS – For Plus size bloggers


If you currently take part in a bloggers twitter chat that isn’t listed above, be sure to let us know so we can add it to the list above for everyone to see.


Do you take part in any of the Blogger Twitter Chats? If so what are some of your favourite ones? Let us know below and remember to follow us on Twitter @enterspree.



2 Comments on Timetable For Blogger Twitter Chats

  1. Hi thank you for commenting. I was actually inspired by another blogger but your article looks amazing too! I can’t believe how many chats there are…I definitely haven’t covered all of them here x


  2. Thank you so much – this list is amazing! Also love the style of the image you’ve created. What program do you use for that?
    Great to “meet you” – will keep an eye on the blog 🙂

    Love Becca x


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