How To Make Any Nail Polish Matte Instantly

matte nail polish diy

matte nail polish diy

Who wouldn’t love to learn a DIY in matte nail polish? One big trend for fall are matte nail polishes and it seems the whole world have been obsessed with this look for a while now. The great thing about matte top coat nail polishes is that it takes away any sheen and any shine that you may have, and a lot of people say it looks a little bit more fashion forward and elegant. If you’re in a rush and need to achieve this look but don’t have a matte top coat polish, then simple use one of these two methods for ultimate success. Grab your cornstarch, nail polish, eyeshadow and let’s go!

Method 1

All you’ll need for this first method is cornstarch and the nail polish colour of your choice.

Mix a little bit of cornstarch and nail polish together until you get a matte look. Take your nail polish brush and start to paint your nails. The nail colour should dry matte.

Tip: Don’t add too much cornstarch because this could make your nail polish thick and clumpy. Also be sure to move quick once you’ve mixed your two products together because the nail polish will get thick and gooey really quickly.

Method 2

For the second method (and probably the best method), you’ll need clear nail polish, eyeshadow, plastic container lid and a toothpick. Choose the colour eyeshadow that you’d like your nail colour to be.

Using your toothpick, scratch some of your eyeshadow onto the flat plastic container so it looks like a powder form. Then little by little pour your clear nail polish onto the eyeshadow and mix it together using the same toothpick. When you have mixed the two together to achieve a consistent colour, use the nail polish brush and apply your new matte nail polish to your nails.

Tip: Only use what you’ll need. Pouring out too much nail polish will make your mixture go to waste.


How did it go? Let us know your results in the comments below.

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