How To Get Glitter Roots In 3 Steps

glitter roots

Glitter roots are becoming the new beauty trend and we want to make sure that you’re all caught up with it all. Using the hashtag #glitterroots on Instagram, you can see all the cool looks that people have created using two simple products – Gel and Glitter. In this article we’ll take you through the easy steps on how you too can get this cool look.

What You’ll Need


Glitter £1.00


VO5 Gel £3.99

Tinting Brush £1.69

mixing bowl

Mixing Bowl £1.99






  1. Style your hair in the way that you would like it to look. Make sure that there is a definitive parting to which you’d like to apply the glitter to
  2. Using your tinting brush, mix some gel and glitter into the mixing bowl. The amount of glitter you want to use is completely up to you. The bolder the look, the more glitter and gel you’d need to use
  3. Apply the mixture to the roots of your hair, where you made the parting and leave it to dry


Like this look? Why not take a look at our Glitter Lips Tutorial. Remember to share your photos with us on Instagram.

6 Comments on How To Get Glitter Roots In 3 Steps

  1. How on Earth did I not hear about this before? I need to try it now.
    Is there a special type of glitter you have to use?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok Chanel, how do you wash the glare out of your hair? Is it really just a simple shampoo job?


    • Hey hun, I’ve personally just washed my hair a few times and it’s come out with no problems. I’m not sure if this will depend on your hair type though :/

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, it’s funny because I am writing a post about glitter roots and while researching, I saw that you did one so I thought you were the perfect person to ask how to get it out. I am wearing long braids right now so I’ll have to pass on wearing it.


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