Omarion Cancels His DSTRKT Nightclub Appearance Following Racial Allegations


Omarion / Credit: BET

On Friday 2nd October, Omarion was due to perform at London’s DSTRKT nightclub but cancelled his appearance last minute after a social media campaign raised awareness about the clubs discrimination against black women.

Omarion, whose real name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry, was praised for this decision to cancel his appearance and support the cause. One fan tweeted “major respect to you wise Jedi! Your fans in London appreciate your stand! Divided we fall, united we STAND”.

The social media campaign also caused NFL football player Osi Umenyiora, who was due to host the night with Omarion, to pull out of his scheduled appearance.


Osi Umenyiora / Credit: NewsDay

The incident occurred 1 week ago when Zalika Miller and 3 of her friends were refused entry into the London nightclub because they were deemed to be “too fat” and “too dark”. Highlighting their experience on Instagram encouraged other women to come forward with their story and now a social media campaign using the hashtag #DoILookDstrkt has been taking place and gained a huge amount of support.

Zakila Miller DSTRKT

Refused entry: Zalika Miller (far left) pictured with her friends Reisha (centre left), Tasha (centre right) and Lin Mei (right). / Credit: Twitter

Last night (Friday 2nd October) a protest was held outside the club in the centre of the capital.

dstrkt protest

This is the second peaceful protest to take place after the first one failed to deter Karrueche from boycotting the club.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat she said “It’s unfortunate to hear about something like that especially something that I’m part of,”.

“I’m half African-American too. I have godsisters and family who have darker skin as well. I don’t support any sort of discrimination. I love people for who they are.”


Karrueche / Credit: Irish Mirror

Video footage has emerged of Karrueche getting surrounded by protesters as she enters the club. Protesters shout “shame on you” as she bangs on the door.

Since her appearance at the nightclub, Karrueche has been receiving a lot of negative backlash on social media.

DSTRKT has denied the allegations.

What do you think? Was it right for Omarion to cancel his performance? Have you experienced any racism at nightclubs before? Be sure to leave your comments on the situation below or vote in our poll.




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  1. Lol, this story is stupid. And everyone keeps playing into it.


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