Halloween Zombie Girl Makeup Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn how you can create an incredibly easy halloween horror look without spending a fortune on special effects make up? Then look no further!

Halloween Zombie Girl

Halloween Makeup Look

Whether it’s Halloween or just a fancy dress party, our choices seem to be endless. However…. we’ve really only got two options: look hot or look authentic. We all know that these two do not go hand in hand, and if you don’t know, well just trust me. Trying to combined both could end up lethal, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be rocking up to your next party looking like Lindsay Lohan dressed as Frankenstein’s bride in Mean Girls. What the heck, I say “WORK IT!”

In this article I’ll be taking you through a step-by-step guide on how you can create a simple, but scary zombie girl halloween look in just 30 minutes…YES JUST 30 MINUTES. I’ll have you looking scarily authentic, and the best part? Well it can all be done using easily accessible and affordable beauty products, which i’ll be recommending. In fact, i’ll have you spending no more than £50.00. I promise! Sounds good? Lets get started…

What You’ll Need

  1. Primer
    I used: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer £29.00
    I recommend: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser £7.99
  2. Foundation Choose 1 shade lighter than your everyday foundation
    I used: Bobbi Brown BBU Palette – Alabaster and Porcelain £190.00
    I recommend: Loreal True Match foundation £9.99
  3. Black and Grey Eyeshadow Palette
    I used: Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eyeshadow Palette £59.00
    I recommend: Barry M Smokin’ Hot Eyeshadow Palette £6.49
  4. Brown Eyeshadow Palette
    I used: Too Faced Natural Eye Palette – Sexspresso £29.00
    I recommend: Barry M Natural Glow Palette £6.49
  5. Red and Black Lip Liner Pencils
    I used: Mac Cherry Lip Liner £12.50
    I recommend: MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner £4.99
  6. Translucent Loose Powder
    I used: Eshiko Ultra High Definition Translucent Powder £22.95
    I recommend: Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder £2.99

Total I Used Products: £342.45                   Total I Recommend Products: £38.94

Ok, Lets Get Started!


1. Start by blending your foundation into your face and neck. Make sure you get an even coverage all over. If you use a light coverage foundation (like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser) then you will need to build a few layers.

2. Using your red lip liner pencil, map out all the contours of your face (see photo left). Scrunch your face up and draw where the lines are. The aim is to highlight all of your imperfections in big bold red!



3. Using your finger (yes it’s getting messy) smudge all of the lines you have just drawn and start to blend them into your foundation. You will look weird and kind of sunburnt in a creepy bearded lady sort of way.

Tip: You can use a crease foundation brush to blend in the smaller creases and curves of your nose and eyesI used the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

4. Now using a black liner pencil, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Tip: Really go for it on the eyes – you’re meant to look dead, so get those bags nice and heavy!

5.  Paint a bit of eyeshadow onto your hands and pretended to (very gently) strangle yourself. This helps to create an authentic look! Nothing Screams “wow she really was brutally murdered” like a handprint to the throat…

6. Using the red and black pencils (make sure they’ve been sharpened, you need precision for this next bit) lightly draw small veins around your face. I went for under the eyes, around the mouth, the temples and forehead.

7. Get creative – it’s all up to you! This is where sexy and authentic really come into play. You can do as much or as little as you like with this look depending on how creepy and terrifying you want to be. I say, the scarier the better!

I went back and went over my creases and wrinkles to define them more. I made my eyes a bit darker and more sinister. I defined the front of my brows and coloured my lips only where I part them; It gives a bit of a ‘bloodsucker’ look!

Tip: If you want to seal in your makeup, use a translucent loose powder. Do not use a pressed powder as you could end up destroying all of your hard work!

So there you have it! The final look for our Zombie Girl Halloween Makeup Tutorial. All you have to do now is find a sexy halloween costume and hairdo to match. I pulled my hair over part of my face because the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed is when that creepy little girl climbs out of the well in The Ring. Ugh.


I hope you enjoyed this halloween special. If you tried this look, or any other then we’d love to know. As mentioned before, you don’t have to go out and spend a whole load of money to achieve this look. All you need is half an hour and a damn good tutorial 😉

Happy Halloween You Beauties!


1. Apply foundation to your face and neck (preferably a lighter colour)
2. Map out the contours of your face with a red lip liner pencil
3. Smudge and blend in with fingers
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with black lip liner pencil- focus on creases and wrinkles
5. Paint eyeshadow onto your hand and strangle yourself! (optional)
6. Lightly draw veins around face using your red and black lip liner pencils
7. Define creases, wrinkles and accentuate the eyebrows, eye bags and lips
8. Dust over with translucent loose powder to seal in make up


Enjoyed the tutorial? Have a tutorial request or question you’d like to ask Laura?
Let us know in your comments below.


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