Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara Product Review

A good mascara should give you volume and length and it shouldn’t smear or smudge.

Searching for such a mascara sometimes seems impossible, especially when we’re so spoiled for choice in the beauty world. So for this month Enterspree set out to find a mascara that lengthened, defined and generously coated lashes to perfection, just for you. We decided to test out one of the hottest and most hyped product on the market – Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara. Beauty YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous swears by this product and was even featured in an advert for it. But, is this mascara really better than sex? Let’s see how we got on…

©2015 Too Faced Cosmetics
©2015 Too Faced Cosmetics

Product: TooFaced’s Better Than Sex Mascara
Price: £19
Where: BeautyBay | Debenhams


Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara claims that one coat provides your lashes with a “full and defined” look that stretches your lashes to “unbelievable lengths” all with its magic hour shaped body inspired wand. This wand apparently helps shape lashes by separating each individual one, and giving all your lashes the opportunity to be coated and curled to “voluptuous perfection”. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara contains:

  1. Film-forming polymer to assure it does not smudge.
  2. Acacia senegal tree extract to assure lashes are nourished.
  3. Unique peptides that makes its black colour intense.

Too Faced is known for its eye catching pink packaging and glitter, so it’s hard to ignore the beauty and flash of the mascara bottle. The bottle contains 8.0ml/0.27Fl.0z. of product. It is quite limited in availability here in the UK, but can be found in Debenhams and online.


For reference, I prefer thick, bold, dramatic lashes so I have always gone between using Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara and YSL’s Baby Doll Masacra. The way that Too Faced’s mascara was described led me to believe I’d find myself a new holy grail, let’s see if it lives up to its hype…


When I first opened the bottle A LOT of product came out from the tube onto the brush, so I found myself scraping the brush on the edge of the bottle to take off the excess product. Application to the top lashes was easy enough, but after a second and third coat my lashes began to dry and clump together. The brush did separate my lashes and I was impressed by its ability to adhere to my lashes and sculpt them. I really loved the mascara’s intense black colour as it was  dense, rich and a similar colour to that of Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black.

Attempting to go into detail on the bottom lashes, inner corners, and outer corners was impossible as the brush was too big and the product kept smudging and smearing. I found myself using a lot of makeup wipes to clean up the mess, which was annoying and time consuming.By the time I had finished applying the mascara, my lashes were drier, but I could see a difference in volume and length.


After an eight hour shift at work the mascara was still going strong, but with dire side effects… The mascara had become crumbly and its flakes had caught a little around my bags and on my upper lids as well. Attempting to remove the mascara was not at all easy. I used the B.Pure Micellar Water and more than five cotton wool pads just to take it off (I am sure I lost a few lashes in the struggle!).


I really wanted to love this product especially after reading such great reviews on it. My love for Too Faced products led me to believe that this mascara would  blow my expectations and knock my other mascaras out of the rank. But when I actually tried the mascara and saw the results, I was very disappointed. Clumping, smudging and smearing should not be an issue for a brand new mascara – especially when it is so pricey!  The only pros that come with this product are its intense colour, brush shape and packaging…  So unfortunately this product isn’t better than anything and I’m going stick with using my preferred mascaras, until I can find a suitable replacement.

My Rating

Quality: 2/5
Value: 2/5
Wear: 2/5
Results: 2/5
Overall score: 2/5


Published by Amra Markic

I'm obsessed with Nabokov's writing style, Lana Del Rey and old disney films. I am lover of beauty, health and life.

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