10 Fashion Tips For A Rectangle Shaped Body

Rectangle shaped body flared trouser

Rectangle Shaped Body

When it comes to fashion, you’ve actually got it easier than you may think if you’re a rectangle-shaped woman. You can find clothes that flatter your best features, and since your curves are somewhat understated, you won’t have to worry about your clothing fitting too tightly in most cases. Here are a few practical suggestions for keeping your rectangle shape looking its best, whether you’re preparing for a casual outing or need to get ready for a formal event.

1. Wear Clothing With Shape 

When you’re a “rectangle” it’s important to that you stay away from shapeless tops, pants, dresses and skirts. Form-fitting clothing is the best way to show off your curves without being too flashy. Clothing that does not have defined lines could make you look even boxier. 

2. Colour Blocking Is Your Friend

Clothing items that feature the color-block style are perfect for a rectangular figure. The separation of color helps to clearly define your bust, hips and waist. Dresses and tops with color blocking can make your cleavage appear a little bigger, and give more definition to your physique by making you look a little taller and curvier. To make colors stand out on your figure even more, choose pieces that feature a combination of very dark and very light colors. Black and white are perfect when it comes to color blocking. Monochromatic shirts and dresses that feature light and dark shades of the same hue are also ideal for making you look curvier. 

Colour blocking

3. Shoulder Pads Could Work For You

If you’re a “rectangle,” your hips and shoulders are likely parallel to each other. To break up the rectangle shape, try shoulder pads. Of course, you shouldn’t get too out of control with this tip, since you don’t want to appear too boxy. However, the extra padding could keep your shoulders from becoming too broad. 

4. Tailored Jackets and Blazers Are Best

Blazers and coats that come in around the waist can give the illusion of an hourglass shape. If these clothing items come with a belt, that’s even better if you have a bit of a waist. If you don’t have a waist, skip the belt, since it could make your body look too angular. The definition at the waist can make your bust look slightly bigger, and give your hips a little extra definition. 

5. Choose a Medium or High Neckline

Shirts and dresses with a high neckline are the perfect way to make your breasts look bigger while giving the illusion that your entire body is curvier than it actually is. High necklines also work well for you if you have a long neck, since it gives off an air of sophistication and femininity. 

6. Always Tuck Your Shirt In

Remember, you want your clothing to fit well at all times. Wearing your shirt outside of your jeans, trousers or skirts makes it seem as though you have no waist at all. Tuck in your shirt to give your figure more definition. This also makes your legs appear a little longer. 

tuck shirt in

7. Sleeves Are Best

Whether you’re searching for a formal gown or need a new cardigan for work, sleeves that fall just above your elbow are usually best if you have a rectangular shape. They keep your arms from looking too long and prevent the top of your body from appearing really boxy. 

8. Empire Waistlines Are Best

The empire waistline style for shirts and dresses is especially flattering on your figure. It plays up your bust and keeps the attention away from your midsection. 

9. A-Line Skirts Work Well

The A-line design is another great way to show of your rectangle figure without drawing the eyes to your stomach area. Actually when you have a rectangle shape, you can get away with wearing an A-line skirt that is a little tighter than what would be flattering on other body types. The fit can elongate your legs and make your torso look a little leaner as well. 

10. Go For A Slightly Flared Trouser

Pants that have a bit of a flare at the end give your body more of a curvy shape. They also make you look like you have longer legs. Remember not to get pants that have a very defined flare, since this can have the opposite effect on your silhouette.

No matter your size, you can find lots of flattering outfits that showcase your personality and sense of style. Celebrities like Queen Latifah and Anne Hathaway both have rectangle shapes, and it’s easy to see that their style and the placement of their curves is varied. Draw inspiration from your favorite celebs and try on your outfits before leaving the house. Wear what makes you feel good, and you can’t go wrong!

What are your biggest tips for dressing your rectangle figure?

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