Top 5 Carnival Fashion Must-Haves

It is that time of year again where we must dust off our best outfits and head over to party central: Notting Hill. Formed as an eclectic celebration that recognizes the unique norms and traditions of ethnic minority cultures, the carnival is an explosion of colour, music and community spirit. Here we count down our top 5 carnival fashion must-haves that make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Headdresses


What makes an iconic carnival outfit? A statuesque headdress of course! Available in shades to suit you, pick a headdress that will allow you to channel the vibrancy of the carnival spirit. We suggest being as bold as possible, the bigger the better and we love the unique headdresses shown below. Make like your inner bird and choose a layered headdress in exotic blues, greens and pinks while keeping your outfit neutral for a bigger impact. Nothing says carnival more than a six feet tall empowering headdress.

2. Embellished Bra


Be bold, be brave and embrace your inner carnival chick. It is important to be as OTT as possible so an embellished bra is perfect for getting you noticed during the carnival season. If you do not feel comfortable in an embellished bra you can always highlight another area with jewels. Whether you embellish your shoes or add a sparkly top don’t be afraid to challenge your inhibitions. For an embellished bra, shoe or top we recommend neutral shades such as nude, beige and white to create a simple juxtaposition against the vibrant headdress.

3. Feathered Thigh Boots


Carnival queens know to work their shoes as though they were accessories and now you can too! Let your shoes do the talking and become your canvas. Pick thigh boots to accentuate the length of your legs and decorate them with feathery plumes extending out of the boots to match the headdress. To start choose plain black thigh boots and look to Pinterest for carnival inspiration. You can be as simple or as exaggerated as you want but remember to feel comfortable in what you are wearing! Add a multitude of feathers in colours that match the headdress that you have chosen and you are well on your way to becoming a bona fide master of the carnival.

4. Arm Cuffs


Match your embellished bra to a pair of decorated arm cuffs woven with intricate designs. When choosing your arm cuffs a metallic palate is the best way of getting your outfit noticed as it reflects the sunlight and an asymmetrical arm cuff will give you the appearance of being a warrior in disguise!

5. Ra-Ra Skirts


The bigger the rara skirt the better! Think an abundance of feathers, colours and textures to make your skirt complete. For the ultimate carnival skirt pick a colour that will both clash and enhance the headdress like the red skirts here. The clashing colours will make your outfit look fun, vibrant and will ensure that you do not stay invisible for long.

Are you heading down to a Carnival this year? If so, let us know what you plan to wear by tweeting us or leaving your comment below.



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