Ruby Rose: Embracing Gender Fluidity

What would you say if I told you that gender does not exist; that it is nothing more than a concept used by society to categorize us into sections? What if I told you that our identity is not defined by gender but by the way that we see ourselves as a person? Do you think like that? If so you are not alone. Like many other young people, Ruby Rose sees herself as gender-fluid. Neither female nor male, Ruby transcends socially accepted boundaries to show that we are all androgynous beings with hyper ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits. Ruby Rose has the makings of an icon; beautiful, unique and politically inclined; Ruby is shaping the way that we view biological ‘labels’.



Breaking Free From Biological Labels

In a video titled ‘Break Free‘ Ruby transitioned from a ‘glamorous’ female bombshell into a hyper-aggressive male in order to make a political statement against biological labels.  Ruby determines that biological labels are dangerous,pigeonholing men and women into identities that are far removed from their own. We should have the freedom to pick our own identities and not be segregated into biological camps that we could never belong to. Break Free explores a world where gender ceases to exist, seamlessly transitioning between stereotypical archetypes of masculinity and femininity without a need for social commentary. Gender would not be questioned but accepted as the norm, where the freedom of choice will override social and biologically determined labels.



Is The World Ready For Gender Fluidity?

Break Free is a small step forward for the LGBT community highlighting that transsexuals, drag queens, pansexuals, bisexuals and gender-fluid men and women exist among the more commonly known ‘lesbian’ women and ‘gay’ men. As Ruby aptly put a ‘bisexual’ isn’t just greedy… ‘Pansexual’ exists and isn’t a cop out and ‘Straight’ people can be huge gay advocates and blessings to the community…”. Ruby urges us to put aside our pre-conceived notion of gender and see the world through her eyes, where all identities should be accepted and seen as the norm.

Ruby’s ‘Break Free’ has won rave reviews with many praising its insightful commentary on gender fluidity and LGBT freedom of choice.Semi-autobiographical, Ruby puts aside her blonde wig, feminine makeup and leaves behind the limitations of a gender role. Perhaps the most poignant moment in the video is where she breaks free from make-up and allows her tattoos to shine through, leaving behind the shackles of her past. The question is in a world that still rejects homosexuality can gender fluid identities ever be accepted as the norm?




Ruby and the Struggle to Discover Her Identity

For ten years Ruby put money in a jar to contribute towards gender reassignment, ashamed of living in her female skin. It was not until the age of fifteen that Ruby had realized that she did not want to change gender but move between the two and not be judged for being gender-fluid. Ruby cut her hair, changed the way she dressed and states that it was the best decision she ever made. Despite spending most of her childhood wishing that she was boy she realized that it was ok to belong to both genders and learnt to embrace her androgynous identity.



Her battle against adversity is well documented but for thousands of other LGBT citizens they lack the support and guidance needed to become fully well-rounded individuals. The government often scapegoat the LGBT community and has reduced services, free will and basic necessities in many countries.

Thanks to the horrific efforts of conservatives and other ignorant religious leaders LGBT people have been thoroughly dehumanized for the sake of personal comfort. Ruby grew up in an era where everything was uncertain and where being gender fluid was not a viable option. In the modern age we are still coming to terms with the LGBT community but we should make it our mission to support and love them because they are a huge part of our world and homophobia is a disgusting crime.




Will you challenge homophobia and learn to accept gender-fluid identity as the norm?


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