Top 5 Festival Beauty Trends


The festival season is here and Enterspree have got you covered. From flower braids to festival war-paint the festival season brings out the party animal in all of us. Join us as we count down the top five festival beauty trends that makes waves every season. Stay tuned you don’t want to miss out!

1. Flower Braids


Synonymous with delicate femininity, flower braids have been updated for the festival season. Gone are the intricate slick braids without a hair out of place and instead messy bed head plaits are in. Retaining the delicate floral decorated braids, the plait is unhinged and wispy creating a direct juxtaposition between feminine and feminine grunge. Layer the messy plait with daisies cascading down the hair to create a waterfall effect.

2. Rainbow Makeup


What better way to stand apart from the crowd than rainbow makeup? Make like fashion blogger Kristen Leanne and pair the standard festival dots with an ombre rainbow overlay as an alternative contour. The rainbow contour updates conventional festival makeup by appealing to alternative ‘chicks’ who like to rebel against conformity. The alternative festival vibe is best paired with clashing pastel hair-if you are unsure about dying your hair then buy a high-quality wig or extensions that can brighten up your look.

3. Flash Tattoos


Started by Flash Tat flash tattoos are the perfect temporary accessory to glam up your look. Wear on your wrist as a bracelet, around your neck as a choker and even over your chest as a body chain. Rooted in a tribal warrior culture it in-cooperates tribal iconography such as faux feather bracelets and Aztec rings. The flash tattoo is gradually changing the landscape of the festival industry and ties into how other cultural heritages have the ability to create trends.

4. Alternative Lipstick


The Queen of alternative lips Rihanna might have popularized the trend but festival goers have adopted it as their go to look. Be bright, loud and demand attention from your audience. For the ultimate clash team purple or navy blue lips with dainty flower braids to create a juxtaposition between the ‘brash cool chick’ and the ‘vintage feminine lady’.

5. Art Deco Eyeliner


Inspired by European romanticism, art deco eyeliner highlights the outer corners of your eyes to widen up your peepers. Wear with lashings of exaggerated mascara and harsh eye shadow in contrasting shades to add some depth to your festival inspired look. To create an art-deco festival look match your flash tattoos and draw tribal icons underneath your lash line.

                 What is your favourite Festival Beauty Trend?


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