10 Fashion Tips For A Pear Shaped Body

Pear Shaped Body

If you have a pear body shape, you know that finding the perfect outfit is not without a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to flatter your figure with clothing that fits your personal style. Here are a few fashion tips for pear-shaped women that will keep you looking your best, no matter what occasion you’re getting dressed for.

1. Fitted shirts are your friend.

When you’re a pear shape, you want to play up the upper half of your body, since the curves in your hips will speak for themselves. Fitted tops are ideal for both pant suits and jeans. The fitted shirts bring more attention to your bust and shoulders, making your body look more proportioned.

2. Keep a collection of button-down shirts.

Cardigans and button-down shirts can serve as your go-to pieces for professional and business casual wear. These tops also have a fitted look and fit your body well without inappropriately showcasing your hips or backside.

3. Wear a-line dresses.

If you’re heading to a formal event, choose an A-line dress. These dresses have a slimming effect, play up the upper part of your body and make your hips and butt look a little smaller. No matter the colour, you’ll feel sexy and sophisticated in a dress of this style.

4. Choose tailored pants.

Pants that are slimming in the hip and thigh area are a must for pear-shaped bodies. Stay away from pants that have lots of pockets, or pants that are made in a harem style. They tend to look bulky and make your legs look bigger than they actually are.

5. Dress in layers.

Wearing layers not only gives your outfit character and texture, but it adds visual appeal to your body’s top half. And of course, you can play with colors and textures in a way that makes your casual or dressy outfit even more fashionable. For instance, a stripped cardigan paired with a paisley button-down goes great with tailored slacks in a neutral color.

6. Wear pointy heels.

Pointed heels make your legs look longer. These shoes also keep your body from appearing as though all your weight is situated in the center of your body.

pointed heels

7. Always wear a wide hem.

Your pants, skirts and dresses should all have a wide hem. This gives balance to your body and keeps your hips from looking too wide. Remember that wide doesn’t necessarily mean baggy. For instance, a wide-legged pants suit should be slimmer in the waist and flare out toward the bottom. The more tailored your clothing is, the better. Just make sure the hem is wide to give you a slimming silhouette.

8. Choose shirts with pronounced necklines.

Sleeveless and strapless tops are flirty and fun, and bring the eyes upward. You can also pair the tops with an elaborate necklace so that your neck and shoulders will get as much positive attention as the bottom half of your body.

9. Choose mini skirts that aren’t too…mini.

A short skirt is a great way to add visual interest to your outfit. Just make sure that the skirt isn’t too short. Choose skirts that are no more than three inches above your knee. Also, choose flared skirts to compliment your shape. Remember, the wider the hem, the better. It’s also a good idea to pair your mini skirt with a flowing top that falls right above your hips, or a button-down. Both of these shirt styles add proportion to the body.

10. Invest in boot-cut jeans.

Jeans in a boot-cut style are your best bet when you’re a pear shape. They look great with both wedges and heels, and are the perfect style of denim to show off your amazing curves. You can pear the jeans with anything from a long blazer to a vintage t-shirt, and you’ll look polished and put together, even if you’re just having a casual day. Also, dark washes are best, since they automatically have a slimming effect.
If you have a pear shape, you’re in good company. Celebrities like Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Christina Aguilera are known for their curvy figures. You can definitely get some of your style inspiration from them, in addition to using the tips listed above. Above all, wear clothing that makes you feel great, and you’ll turn heads no matter where you go.


What are some of your top fashion tips for the pear-shaped body?

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