9 Tips For Growing Curly Hair Fast

how to grow curly hair fast

If you’ve got curly hair then I’m sure you know just how difficult it can be to manage it. Sometimes ladies with curly hair tend to follow the same trends and instructions that those with straight hair do, which leads to the damage and lack of growth that they experience. As a fellow curly head that’s seen significant hair growth in just 10 months, I’m bringing you my 9 top tips that you need to take on board to help grow your curly hair faster [watch video]. Remember to use all of these methods together; one without the other is likely to slow down your hair growing process. And if you’re really desperate then check out my video on how to grow 1 inch of hair in just 12 hours!! Yes it worked!

How to grow curly hair fast

1. Avoid Heat

No matter what kind of hair you have, heat damages it. For curly hair, heat actually damages your curls and continuous straightening over time will make your curls lose it’s definition. Once this happens, no amount of moisturiser or water will bring your curls back to it’s natural state. Heat also creates more split ends, which we all know isn’t a good thing. Eliminate the heat and you eliminate 50% of the reason why your hair isn’t growing like it should be.

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2. Trim Your Split Ends

Do not listen to adverts that say their shampoos, conditioners or hair treatments can fix split ends because nothing can fix split ends. The only way to get rid of them is to trim it off. Don’t believe it? Think about when your nail splits – does suddenly taking care of your split nail merge it back together? Nope! And if you don’t cut it off, it’s only going to keep splitting right? Well that’s what happens with your hair strand. When you have split ends, if you don’t attend to them quickly, they’ll only continue to keep splitting up the hair strand. Trim them off!

3. Only Use Wide Tooth Combs or Your Fingers To Detangle Your Hair

How do you brush hair without losing curls? How do you brush hair without it going frizzy? The simple answer is that you don’t brush your hair…ever! Curly hair and brushes do not go well together. Brushing your hair not only causes your curly hair to go frizzy, but it creates breakage and loses it’s curly definition over time. It is for these simple reasons that you should only finger comb your hair or use a wide tooth comb. When you are combing through your hair, do make sure that it’s wet as this will help to prevent breakage.

4. Air Dry or Towel Dry Your Hair The Correct Way

Remember when I said don’t use any heat? Well this applies for hair dryers too. Some people underestimate the power of hair dryers but don’t be one of them. Towel dry, or even better air dry your hair after you’ve washed it or wet it in the morning. One thing you shouldn’t do if you are going to towel dry your hair is harshly rub the ends of your hair together. This friction roughens the cuticles as well as creating damage and frizz. Not sure what we’re on about? Watch this video.

5. Choose The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you ever chose a shampoo or conditioner because it smells nice? Herbal Essence maybe? Many people do this and if you’re one of them then stop right now. Different shampoos have different aims, and are targeting different hair conditions. Curly hair tends to be quite coarse and dry, so select a shampoo for dry hair. These shampoos will have ingredients that’s required to add moisture to the hair. If you just select a shampoo because it smells nice, you could actually be selecting one for oily hair, which contains ingredients that strip the hair of moisture. This is the worst thing you can do for curly hair that is already dry. The same process applies for choosing the right conditioners. Bare in mind however, that the condition of your hair may be different from the condition of your scalp, so be sure to choose the right conditioner for both. Doing a deep penetrating conditioning treatment once a week is highly recommended if you have dry coarse curly hair.

6. Keep Your Hair Moisturised

So how do you keep dry coarse curly hair moisturised? Many people have this problem; usually they’ll moisturise their hair and then half way during the day it turns dry and goes frizzy. Well here are the best solutions to that problem.

  • The first is to change your pillow case from cotton to silk. Cotton soaks up all the moisture from your hair while your sleeping, whereas silk doesn’t.
  • The second solution is to plait your hair at night as this locks in the moisture to your hair while you sleep. When you wake up, your hair won’t be as tangled and you won’t have to add in too much moisturiser before seeing great results.
  • The final solution is to carry and use a spray bottle. These are available from your local afro-hair shops at around £1.99. Fill it with 70% water and 30% curl free moisturiser or coconut/argan oil. Use it every morning on each section that you take out from plaiting your hair the night before, and detangle with your fingers. If you’re not confident that your hair will be free of frizz all day, then simply carry it around with you.

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7. Take Care of the Middle Section

Ever noticed that the middle section of your hair is always dry? That’s because a lot of the time when you apply moisturiser you’re often forgetting about the middle section. This mistake occurs the most after people have just finish washing their hair because the parts that will later appear dry is not easily seen on wet hair. To avoid this, part your hair into 4 different sections (think hot cross bun) and apply moisturiser to each section. The correct way to apply the moisturiser would be to put some on your hand, rub your hands together and finger comb your hair. This will enable to moisturiser to be distributed evenly throughout the section, rather than having too much on the roots or ends.

8. Use Protective Hair Styling

Protective hair styling refers to hairstyles free of heat and involves tucking the ends of your hair away to prevent it from damage. It promotes hair growth and is mainly used by afro-carribeans for long periods of time but if you have curly hair then I’ll advise you to only use it at night. Remember when I mentioned that you should plait your hair at night? Well this is just one method of protective hair styling. Your preventing your hair from become tangled and instead locking moisture into your hair. This prevents breakage and promotes healthy growth. Unlike those with afro-hair, you should not keep your protective hairstyle in for long periods of time without attending to it. If you decide to twist/braid your hair and leave it for a few days then be sure to apply moisturiser to it daily in order to prevent it from drying out too much. A great way to do this would be to use a spray bottle containing 10% water and 90% oil. Check out my Night Time Routine below to see what I do to protect my hair overnight.

9. Detangle Your Hair From The Bottom Up

Part your wet hair into small sections and using a wide tooth comb, detangle your hair from the bottom up. If you come across a stubborn knot, then apply conditioner to the area and wait for a few minutes before untangling it. This will help you to avoid the process of you having to pull out your hair or cutting the knot off. One thing I would point out is to not worry about hair shedding if you see it occurring, as this is actually a positive sign of hair growth. It’s all apart of the natural cycle so smile when you see it because that’s a way of saying out with the old and in with the new.

Do you have curly, dry or coarse hair? What tips do you use to help your hair growth?

13 thoughts on “9 Tips For Growing Curly Hair Fast

  1. So the only thing wrong with this is the hair falling out being okay. It should be a bit specified. Your hair falling out everyday, maybe a few strands, is okay and definitely normal but I was so convinced about this that when my hair started falling out I thought it was fine/. I’m only 19 and my hair started thinning extremely and lost about 1 inch to two or more because straightening and stressing for a little less than a year. Every time I showered or brushed my hair almost CLUMPS came out and I was convinced it was normal because I have really thick curly hair and I’m used to my hair falling out and it falling out a bit more seemed better to me and in no time (3 months to 5 Max) my hair went from the middle of my back to just past my shoulders. So monitor how much your average fall out is and if it changes then think hard about what you’ve changed to your daily routine. Mine was that I wasn’t spending the necessary time to brush my hair gently like I used to and that I was straightening like everyday again like I used to in middle school and shampooing almost everyday and I forgot that was bad for you apparently also had moved from NY to FL so that’s a major hear change. So just be cautious.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah during my hair growth process I didn’t use any heat so when my hair was shedding I knew it was normal rather than dangerous. I’d definitely advise ppl to take your comments on board though 🙂 x


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