How To Care For Dehydrated Skin

A white woman drinking water outdoors.

Is your skin confused by the change of seasons? Does it sometimes feel tight and dry, and other times become spot prone and oily? Do you have fine lines around your forehead? Do you suffer from headaches and find that your makeup goes patchy throughout the day? In that case you may be suffering from dehydrated skin.

What Is Dehydrated Skin?

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition, rather than a skin type, so is often misdiagnosed and until recent years many cosmetic companies only provided products for dry skin. Dehydrated skin tends to look ashen and can feel tight, but feels much more comfortable in a humid climate or when fresh out of the shower.

Tips For Dehydrated Skin

  • Stress can also effect your skin, so try to take it easy!
  • Stay away from mineral oil and silicone as these can irritate the skin.
  • Invest in a humidifier to use overnight.
  • Stay away from foaming cleansers or any product containing SLS as this will strip the skin of oil and moisture. If you’re removing makeup, use an oil or balm cleanser instead.
  • Because dehydrated skin lacks water and absorb products very quickly, look for ingredients that will bind moisture to the skin to ensure it stays supple and plump.
  • Alcohol and caffeine both dehydrate the body so for every alcoholic or caffeinated drink you consume, have an extra glass of water.
  • Central heating and extreme weather conditions can make it much worse so in colder months, or during a heatwave, make sure that you change up your skincare routine and add in a hydrating serum.

Ingredients To Look For

Keep an eye out for serums and moisturizers with a high water and low alcohol content. You should also focus on products that contain humectants, as these help to bind moisture to the skin. The following three types of humectants are fantastic and highly recommendable for dehydrated skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid – Holds up to 1000x its weight in water and can in found in lots of serums. It is best used on damp skin and can be followed with a lightweight moisturizer or oil.
  • Glycerin – This is a well loved and widely available ingredient. Its sticky but you can mix with your regular moisturizer to help keep skin plump.
  • Squalene – This is a natural olive derived compound that is found in many moisturizers.

Recommended Products

Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellaire Water (£10.20) 
Green People Hydrating Firming Serum (£15.95)
REN Keep Young and Beautiful Beauty Shot (£36)
Indeed Labs Hydraluron (£24.99)
origins drink up intensive
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£23)








Published by Billie McKenzie

Freelance Makeup Artist and beauty writer

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