10 Fashion Tips For An Apple Shaped Body

If you’re part of the fabulous curvy crew known as apple-shaped women, you know that getting dressed can be both fun and challenging. Finding clothing that brings more definition to your waist and purchasing pieces that show off your shoulders and bust can help you look your best, whether you’re heading to the office or getting ready for a night out with friends. Here are a few practical tips to help you understand the best way to look great for your apple figure.

1. Wear empire dresses and shirts.

These pieces bring more attention to your toned shoulders and arms, and are especially feminine. Empire shirts and dresses are also tighter around the bosom area and lower on the bottom of the body, which is especially flattering. The lower the neckline, the more the eye will be drawn upwards to show of your best features. Look for long tops and dresses to give you a long and slender silhouette. This style of dress is best for both formal and casual dresses and tops.

2. Avoid pleated skirts.

These are the enemy of apple shapes, no matter the length. The pleats will make you look wider than you really are and give you a rounder shape that takes away the curves you’re trying to show off.

3. Stick to pencil skirts and maxi dresses.

Skirts that show off a little of your legs are ideal for apple shapes. If you want to wear a long skirt, cinch it with a belt so give your waist more definition. The higher the waist of the skirt, the better. This helps to hide your midsection and emphasizes your hips.

4. Choose loose materials.

Body-con dresses are not your best choice if you have an apple shape. After all, you want to take as much attention away from your midsection as possible. Choose flowing fabrics that don’t hug your stomach. This will bring the focus to the top half of your body, and boost your confidence when you’re wearing your favorite outfit. Sundresses made of loose cotton or jersey dresses are a safe bet.

5. Stay away from boxy and short jackets.

This is a fashion tip for apple-shaped women that you should never forget. Bolero and cropped jackets expose the middle of your body and can make the top and bottom parts of your body look shorter than they actually are. It’s also best to steer clear of short denim jackets, as they can make your stomach look larger than it is. Instead, opt for long blazers that are not too form-fitting. You can wear the blazer with a button-down shirt or scoop-necked, form-fitting shirt.

6. Shop for V-neck shirts.

When you have an apple shape, a shirt with a V-neck is usually the ideal choice. This frames the top of your figure well and can make the middle of your body appear slimmer. This shape is best whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or blouse.

7. Straight-leg jeans are best.

Avoid jeans and trousers with a flared leg. Jeans with a low waist shouldn’t be part of your wardrobe, either. Opt for straight-leg pants with a high waist. This keeps your figure from appearing cut off in the middle, and keeps your stomach from being exposed. It’s important that you know the difference between different cuts so look at the image below for confirmation. In general, the darker the pant, the more slimming it is. So, go for dark wash jeans and trousers in navy or black so that you’ll look taller and slightly curvier.

straight legged jeans

8. Tunic tops are your friend.

Tops that are cut in a tunic style are long and forgiving. These look great with skinny jeans, and you can easily pair them with heels or flats to complete your casual figure-friendly look.

9. The higher the heel, the better.

When you have an apple shape, high heels are perfect for bringing attention to your legs and making you appear taller and slimmer. The heels can also draw the focus away from the middle of your body. If you wear shorts or a skirt with a tunic top, the high heels can bring the entire outfit together. It’s also a good idea to choose heels that are patterned or have a unique texture. This makes your shoes the star of the show when it comes to your outfit.

10. Choose large necklaces.

Remember, showing off the top half of your body is always a fashionable idea when you’re apple-shaped. Whether you’re wearing a formal dress or are putting on a business suit for the day, an eye-catching necklace brings the attention to your neck and upper body, even if you’re not wearing a low-cut top. If you decide to wear your hair in an up-do, this makes your necklace stand out even more.

large necklace

What are some of your favourite fashion tips for your body shape?

4 thoughts on “10 Fashion Tips For An Apple Shaped Body

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for your comment. I too am a real apple-shaped woman and these are the tips that have worked for me. Empire dresses gives the illusion that I have more of a waist and it also enhances my amazing boobs, which many apple-shaped women tend to have. However, I’m not a plus size apple shaped woman, which is where our opinions may vary. Thanks for popping over xx


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