The Many Uses of MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

Are you looking for a new product to ensure perfect skin for Summer? Then look no further because I’m about to share with you the secrets of the backstage beauty product MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. This mineral based powder is perfect for on the go touch ups and ensuring that you look fresh all day despite the heat, and can also be used both wet and dry! Read on to learn my backstage tips and four unique ways to use it.

MAC powder, MSF Natural, Mineralize
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark Golden

When you use this amazing powder dry it is true to the color in the pan, but when you use it wet the color intensifies. This means that you can use it as a setting powder dry in the winter, and wet as a foundation in the summer. Alternatively use it as a foundation in the summer and as a highlighter in the winter; it really is the ultimate multi-tasker!  As it is mineral based it is suitable for normal, acne prone and dry skin. If you have dry skin then learn more about mineral make-up for dry skin.

MAC, MSF, powder, bronzer
MAC MSF Natural in Dark Golden shown wet and dry on NC30-35 skin

As a Setting Powder (dry)

This powder is traditionally used to set your base and can make even the heaviest of foundations look more natural. Use a powder puff to gently press the product into the t-zone and under the eyes, or use a powder brush such as Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush to sweep it across the entire face for that ‘lit from within’ look.

As a Foundation (wet)

Take a medium size powder brush such as the MAC 150 and dampen the very end under a tap or by spraying it with water. Dust it across the powder then buff into the skin for a fresh, natural look that will last all day.

As a Bronzer (dry)

If you buy MSF Natural in your Summer foundation shade then by Winter you will be able to use it as a subtle bronzer. Take a bronzer brush such as the Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush or a contour brush such as the MAC 168 and use it in a three motion across your temples, cheekbones, and jawline. Its so finely milled that it should look undetectable but still give you an ethereal glow.

As an Eyeshadow (wet)

Take a small fluffy brush such as the MAC 217 or Zoeva 227 and dampen the end. Dip the brush lightly into the powder then use windshield wiper motions to place the color across your eyelids. This gives a great everyday look and is a perfect tip for travelling as you can multitask and pack less!

How do you use MAC MSF Natural? Let us know below or get in touch on tweet us.

Published by Billie McKenzie

Freelance Makeup Artist and beauty writer

3 thoughts on “The Many Uses of MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

    1. Hi Cynthia. Studio Fix is great for full coverage and provides a Matte Look. If you have oily skin it’s great but wouldn’t recommend it for Dry Skin as it’s not moisturising in anyway. Also, it’s not great as a setting powder so you’ll still need to use a setting powder over the Studio Fix, which is more likely to create a cakey look if your makeup isn’t done well. Mineralize Skin Finish on the other hand gives a light/medium coverage and would be great if you want that natural look and glow. It can be used as a setting powder and isn’t as cakey. It depends on your skin. I personally use Studio Fix because I have acne scarring so I prefer the full coverage. If you prefer the light natural look then go for the Mineralize Skin Finish powder.


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