What Body Shape Are You?

When it’s time to go shopping for a new wardrobe, or you want to know the best ways to lose weight, it’s important that you know your body shape. There are distinct characteristics for each body type and you’ll need to know this information when choosing clothes that make you look your best. There are loads of body shapes, but here we’re going to discuss the four main types that you’ll find amongst women, which are the apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle body shapes. Look through the descriptions below to find out what one works best for you.



If you have an apple shape, it means that you tend to gain weight in your midsection, which can make it difficult for you to maintain a defined waist. Chances are you have an ample bust and full shoulders.

The characteristics of an “apple” figure are:

  • Your waistline lacks or has no waist definition
  • Bust, waist and hips are very close in measurements
  • You have a large chest and bust for your frame
  • You carry most if your weight around your midsection
  • You usually have slim legs, hips and bottom
  • You have the appearance of being round, and slightly wide due to being overweight or childbirth



A pear-shaped figure is sometimes referred to as a “triangle” body shape. While finding dresses and skirts may not be too much of a challenge, it can be difficult to find pants that fit. It’s easy for you to gain weight in your hips, rear end and thighs, but you usually won’t pack on too many pounds in the midsection.

The characteristics of a “pear” figure are:

  • You have small breasts
  • Your shoulders and arms are small
  • You carry most of your weight around your hips, bottom and thighs
  • Your waist is defined and in small proportion to your hips and thighs



When you know your body type has gotten you a lot of attention, no matter what you’re wearing, there’s a good chance that you have an hourglass figure. This is the body shape that most women seek. While your waist is very defined, you can gain weight at the bottom of your stomach, as well as in your thighs and upper arms.

The characteristics of an “hourglass” figure are:

  • You have a defined small waist
  • Your bust and hips are in proportion with each other
  • You have shapely legs.
  • When you gain weight, the pounds are distributed evenly



The “rectangle” body shape is also referred to as “athletic” or “tube”, and simply means that you have very little curves. Your body is pretty much straight up and down, and you likely have an athletic build. While it can actually be difficult for you to gain weight if you’re a “rectangle,” be sure to stay active. Weight can settle in your stomach area, and it can be hard to get rid of. The good news about this is that your body is probably proportioned, which means you look great in form-fitting dresses and bikinis.

The characteristics of a “rectangle” figure are:

  • Your bust and hips are roughly the same width
  • You have very little or no waist definition
  • You have a flat bottom and small bust
  • Your weight gain is distributed evenly throughout your body frame
  • You have straight shoulders and a straight ribcage

If you don’t fit into any of these body shapes then you may want to look into the “Inverted Triangle” (aka cone) body shape description and characteristics. Whether you’re trying to eat right or dress right, just remember to refer to your type for the best results. If you’re having problems, then simply find a fashionable figure in the media that you love and has a similar shape to you, then use them as a source of inspiration for your shopping sprees and dietary/workout plans.


Do you know your body shape? What are your best tips and advice? Let us know below.

10 thoughts on “What Body Shape Are You?

  1. I am 100% hourglass. I have strange measurements. Approximately 38,26,36. My seamstress is my best friend! I always have to have her fix my clothes. I have to buy larger coats, tops etc,and have her take in the arms and waist so the bust area fits. If I don’t wear things that define my waist I just end up looking fat. I know this shape is “ideal”, but I truly do have a difficult time with clothes and making them fit properly.


    1. I’d love to have an hourglass shape. I just think you worry less about certain areas being the focus point when you gain weight. I think i’d rather have the trouble of tailoring clothes than worrying about what I eat for fear of putting on too much weight around my mid section (apple shape). but like they say, we all want what we don’t have lol.


  2. The pear describes me down to a T. Though I’m quite slim and mostly in proportion any weight gain goes straight to my inner thighs and hips. This is true of all the women in my family. I find dresses the best thing to wear as they balance my shape. Either that or high waisted bottoms with a cropped top half, makes best of my waistline. I’ve often thought if I could get someone to suck the fat from my bottom half and inject in my boobs is be sorted. Bit drastic though, lol. Great post as always x


    1. Hey beaut! I think pear shape is a really nice shape – but then i’m a fan of hips and thighs. I’d give anything to have some waist definition. Quite annoying when I’m wearing fitted clothing and I don’t have the curves to make it look the way I’d like it too. Crop tops! Ahhh the total nightmare for an apple shape like me…unless you’re completely toned, which I am not as I love my donuts, cakes and biscuits lol. x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I recon it’s my love of naughty cakes and biscuits that will keep me a pear lol. Thanks to padded bras though it is an easy one to balance.
        It’s a good job we have Gok wan to educate us how to dress out shapes, that man knows his stuff x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. 100% an hourglass.have measurements of 40″-29″-40″.totally happy with my curvy curves 😉 and small waist and feel proud as its indeed the ideal body type 🙂


  4. I dont know what I am some caclculations put me as a pear and some say hourglass my measurements are 41 bust 35 waist and 45 hips


  5. im always confused about my body shape ! im a 42-33-45 but im tall so i look more top heavy.from biggest to smallest body parts and fat distribution its back fat-breasts-stomach-thighs-hips-and legs being the last.i always look like an inverted triangle though my hip measurements are bigger than my shoulders and breasts , i think ill just lose the extra pounds on me though.would love to be 38-26-40 but oh well.havent noticed when i gain weight where it goes , but i think breasts and thighs first then back and stomach.oh well , depending on the clothes i wear i can look like any body shape , from hourglass to inverted triangle mostly.weird stuff.


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