The Perfect Long Lasting Red Lip Tutorial

red lipstick, long lasting makeup

Are you scared of wearing a red lip just in case it slides off halfway during the day? Or are you left with the dreaded heavy lip line after eating? Well fear no more because I have the solution for that sought after perfect red pout!

We all know that a red lip is the height of glamour and a great way to brighten up your face on a grey day. In fact, as a makeup artist one of the questions I am asked most frequently is how to make lipstick last longer. This tutorial will answer just that and though you can apply this technique to all lip colours, it will work especially well on bold colours such as bright pink, orange, or red. Your lips should last 5-6 hours until you eat, after which you may need to add another very light layer of lipstick.

You Will Need:

  • A Lip Scrub
  • A Red Lip Liner
  • A Red Lipstick
  • Tissues

How To:


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Published by Billie McKenzie

Freelance Makeup Artist and beauty writer

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