Winter Country Fashion | The Essentials

So it’s winter and you’re escaping to the country for a few days. Unsure of outfit choices? It’s time to go back to basics and style in simplicity with comfort and practicality, whilst looking lovely of course.



Ladies you can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans. Not only do they go with virtually anything but they always look great! Fashion Tip: To ensure you are comfortable and warm my recommendation is to chuck in a pair of tights as well as some trackie bottoms for the nights you stay in huddled up next to the fire drinking your favourite wine and eating your favourite cheese.

skinny jeans black, distressed and denim blue
Zara £39.99, Topshop £40.00, Zara £29.99



The tops to pack include some long sleeved pieces and some fantastic knits, which I am always a big fan of. My favourite pick is the stripey tee. It is fail safe and always looks great. Combine this with a rolled neck knit to shield you from the winds and your all set. With the light beiges and pastels coming back into season, these pieces will always look great against your jeans. Fashion Tip: These knit jumpers are so versatile and will also team well with those trackies at night keeping you stylish and cosy.

Striped tops, red and white black and white, 3 quarter  sleeves

Rolled neck knit tops freen, grey and cream
H&M £9.99, Zara £17.99, H&M £24.99, ASOS £30.00 ASOS £31.00 Miss Guided £22.00


Now its clear that no outfit would be complete without the accessories. Here are my top must have pieces for your country holiday. A chunky knit scarf to keep the warmth in and the cold away. Some leather gloves keeping those fingers warm and your hands looking great! Tie in with a faux fur pom pom beanie and you’ll look fabulous whilst still feeling warm. Fashion tip: Add a great little leather bag to carry all your neccesities around.

faux fur pom pom beanie, cable knit scarf, leather gloves
Topshop £14.00 , ASOS £12.00, H&M£14.99



For those who are adventurous and want to spend the time traipsing outside and around the country side, you’ll need to get yourself a pair of wellies – hunter wellies! These bad boys are known for their quality longevity, awesome print colours and stylish designs. With loads of choices to choose from, you’ll have no problem selecting a pair that ties in for your outfit choices. Now if you are planning on staying in or keeping yourself on dryer ground, you can’t leave without a pair of leather ankle boots, which will be great for both your day and night outfits. Fashion Tip: Throw in your pair of Uggs to keep you warm while wandering around your accommodation.

Short turquoise hunters,  ankle  leather boot,  tall hunters  patterned
Hunters £80.00, Topshop £80.00, Hunters £165.00



Now since we’re discussing winter country fashion, it would be best to go prepared for the rain. Try one of these incredible parka jackets with a hood that will you keep you not only warm but nice and dry when your out and about. With the fur lined hood these jackets are right on trend. Fashion Tip: For the girls who are really just looking for warmth and style but don’t plan on getting wet, try a tapered collarless coat. These are great for day-to-night wear and will look amazing with your selected jeans and boots.

winter parka jacket and tapered jacket.
Topshop £78.00, Superdry £109.99, Topshop £100

 What’s your fashion essentials for a perfect escape to the countryside? Leave your answers below.



Published by India Watson

I am a 25-year-old Australian travelling the world a tiny bit a time. Offering advice, tips and blogs to Countries I visit. I love to explore culture, taste food and indulge in fashion. My current Location Mexico

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